Phoenix, “Rome (Neighbours Remix f. Devendra Banhart)”

Ever since Alphabetical has Phoenix been on my tops list. The release of Wolfgang deepened my already deep love for this band and submerged it to Marinara Trench levels. However, the remixes have have not done the job of keeping me engulfed in the cool darkness with the fishes. They've been somewhat surface level, staying on the safe-side of adding house beats and the occasional key stabs. Until recently. This remix from FADER vet Devendra Banhart, doesn't merely reshuffle the track with select bits and pieces, he creates art. This is a remix that gives a good name to remixes. This one will definitely make it into my tops list for the year.

Phoenix, “Rome (Neighbours Remix f. Devendra Banhart) (via Gorilla vs.Bear)

bak2skool suckas!!

Alas, we have now bid our last farewells to Summer. The air thins, the hoodies come out, and many drag their feet back into the hallowed halls of the American Education System. Here's the next FREE Mix by BWillackers that will help to put the stride back in your feet, like it was back on June 1st!! Enjoy this banger, but not in class. You may get you iPOD confiscated.
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