BWillackers new mix WARM IT UP vol 2

A great compliment to the changing weather patterns.  Folks are eating their lunch outside, driving with the windows down and devising plans to rediscover the outdoors.  As it warms up, BWillackers new one will assist with the escalating temperatures.  I'll be on Fairtlizer from here on out when pertaining to mixes.

WARM IT UP vol 2 setlist
American Dream Team_Listen 2 the Music
KTN_Pull My Strings
Treasure Fingers_Come True Tonight
Nacey_Lose Your Love
ODahl_Your Arms
Phonat_Ghetto Burnin (Mohito Mix)
Hystereo_Gonna Love You
Moullenix_Lover In Me
Xinobi_Diamonds and Rings
Paul Anthony God Loves Thugs (Le Principle Rmx)
The Requesters_Breakin Up
Rogersevetytwo_Take Me Higher
Night by Night (Urchins Remix)

If you have yet to download Vol. 1, do not fret.  Here it is again, in all resplendent glory!!





Here is a very cool teaser for "The Electro Wars" a documentary about the electronic music scene.  Most specifically how it has directly affected the internet and the interaction between musicians in the digital age.


Gawker gives new name for Hipster

Gawker has posted a thread too good to pass up and is imperative that i send on to you.  Ever since the word "Hipster" crept onto the scene, quickly ascended the ranks of ubiquity and lost all panache we need a new word.  Much like Hipsterdom itself, it must efficiently change shapes and meaning to resist succumbing to the ever encroaching "Maintream" - the black cloud of mass appeal.  Gawker gave a mandate to patrons: Give us a new name for "Hipster." This stuff is a riot (and also a bit harsh in the language department. Cover your ears, kids. ARTICLE HERE

My faves: fauxbo (fobo) as in faux bohemian, experts, Doucheoisie and Ironoclasts

Join in the fun!!! 


Lali Puna's new album to be released April

I started following Lali Puna when a friend let me hear their then newest album "Faking the Books." On hearing her whisper her lullaby vocals backed with simple but tastefully produced track - full of memorable melodies, chopped guitars and slowly swelling keys, i was an immediate fan.  Their newest album "Our Invention" will be out in April, followed by a European Tour (sad-face for us N. Americans). Though we may not get to see them, we can at least enjoy the music.  "Remember" is from their upcoming full-length release aforementioned. Enjoy, and mark your calendars so as to purchase "Our Invention" when it reaches your iTunes, Amazon, Bleep, LaLa,  or maybe even ye Olde Recorde Shoppe.

lali puna_remember

Here is their vid for Faking the Books.  Go get that one as well!!

sidechains lethally remixes moda

Please be careful with this track. Too much exposure can lead to burning of ears, house or dancefloor.
Sidechains works it out, remixing Moda's "Moda Owns You." Most definitely some of Sidechains' best recently,

moda_moda owns you (sidechains remix)



Darwin Deez, so so much fun

Sometimes there's a musician that seems as if created music specifically for you.  Darwin Deez has entered BWillacker's official  elite collective - alongside fellows like Pedro the Lion, Say Hi to Your Mom, Telefon Tel Aviv,  Radiohead, Breakbot, sebastiAn, classixx, Arcade Fire, Monolith.  There's a chair here for you good sir.  There's a full abandon of self conscious i hear in his music and see in his super-fun videos.  I'm very jealous of this, considering I about as painfully self-aware as it gets.  Like watching a child have the time of his life in a big brown box, I see Darwin goofing around making exquisite music and can't help but want to celebrate him and his personage. Please purchase his album, constellations and be prepared for a tour in November. 

Darwin Deez_Radar Detector


Groove Armada's Back!

The resurgent elder wisdom of Groove Armada is being heard across dance floors worldwide again. Their new album Black Light is officially out in the U.S. and I must say, you can never never go wrong with Groove Armada. Singles include "I won't Kneel" and "Paper Romance;" but huge and irresistibly contagious. Here are two remixes by some great ones themselves: Classixx and Urchins. Scoop 'em both up and don't forget to chack out GA's newest (and then get Goodbye Country (hello nightclub) and then Lovebox).

Groove Armada_Paper Romance (Classixx Rmx)

Groove Armada_Paper Romance (Urchins Rmx)