Dn'B team, Blu Mar Ten offers us a sweet download

Drum n' Bass team Blu Mar Ten has made "My Heart" available for free download.  Excellent DnB, indicative of the early years of the 2000 decade. Download, browse their website and as always, enjoy.
Blu Mar Ten - My Heart (2006) (Free download) by Blu Mar Ten

Lake Tahoe Time Lapse

this is beautiful

Lake Tahoe Milky Way Night Time Lapse from Justin Majeczky on Vimeo.

Gigamesh remixes Michael Jackson, AND WINS!

Gigamesh’s extended mix of MJ’s “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” is a pure DJ weapon gold, all nine glorious minutes. It’s also really respectful of the original and destroys the bevy of other mediocre remixes of said MJ track all day. ALL day. 

Please visit Gigamesh’s website  and check out his other project, SeƱor Stereo. They have a release due out in the new year which has mixes from Treasure Fingers, Nadastrom and U-Tern on it (so therefore will be flippin awesome!!!!)

Michael Jackson - Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (Gigamesh Remix) by GIGAMESH


Yuksek remixes Fenech-Soler's "Demons," and Nails it!!!

Yuksek remixing Fenech Soler is the one-two punch of electro!! Its as if Wolverine teamed up with Daft Punk to fight the forces of eeevil. Been following Yuksek since his remix of Siriusmo's "All the Girls" back in ol' 2007.  He's been a fixture in my arsenal since, consistently churning out the best of what makes French Electro so legendary. 

Phonat Remix and a "Best of 2010" mixtape from MMMathias

MMMathias, always delivering on remixes and originals, continues to bat 1000 with this remix of Phonat's "Ghetto Burnin." A late bloomer, considering Phonat's original was released almost two years ago, MMMathias brings out a buttery disco swirl to Phonat's track. Here's an amazing live disco mix simply titled "Best of 2010," and I must say I don't disagree with his selections one iota!!! Most excellent!!
MMMatthias CHORDS Mix by MMMatthias
You must also check out Mimosa's remix of "Ghetto Burnin." Still most definitely my favorite remix thus so far!!! You can find all of the remixes at Beatport in the new Ghetto Burnin Mix Pack.

Phonat - "Ghetto Burnin'" (MMMatthias Remix) by MMMatthias


Great video from Rekiem Skateboards. How to make a board!!!

Rekiem skateboard how to make a board from jeremy hugues on Vimeo.

Absolutely amazing video from Rekiem Skateboards, on how to create a skate deck. Rekiem is the only custom hand-built skateboards manufacture in France (great website to boot). Take notes, make your own. Or at least make some sweet vids via this visually candied template. Ready, go!!


BWillackers new Mix: The Fall Upheaval!!!

Today is my birfday. And to celebrate this joyous of occasions, I present to you a mix I have created specifically for these times of color altered leaves, cold rain, raking yards and hanging lights. This mix gravitatres around those sounds I've been grooving on most in recent days. Its got funk, an exorbidant amount of synths, throw back beats and a vibe you can thaw yer lil' tootsies out to. Let this slow cooker warm you from the inside out!! Happy Bday to me!!!!!


Dubstep with some hip-hop oldies(kinda) in mind

Funny how things evolve into oldies, now with time in the realm of "cool" so compressed and all.  For Bottom Heavy Humpday, I present to you two tracks remixed and growled-out from the archives of hip-hop. The first is Cillo remixing the Fugees "Ready or Not." Man oh man this one takes me back to my college days; I virtually memorized that album (Me, and every other Caucasian college kid). The next is DFRNT's dark and ominous reworking of Dead Prez's "Hip-Hop." Enjoy.


BWillackers Mix

Summer just got hotter by BWillackers

Just realized I never posted my mix for the summer. This one is a brisk romp across the diverse spectrums of what we call "House." From the baudy heart of disco to the more intricate sides of Paris funk and Tech house.  Roll your pant cuffs up, and reserve your timeshare because you don't have to envision the weather warmer, this mix will heat you up just fine. PLUS, I be's on SOUNDCLOUD now!! Repost and send 'em all this way!!


01. never give you up
02.Moulinex and Xinobi – D.I.S.C.O.Texas Theme (Esto Remix)
03.Daft Punk_Burnin’
04.Boys Noize_Jeffer (Para One Remix)
05.Momma’s Boy_Give It Up
06. Krapulax_Boulder
07.Agent Stereo_Luv Feeva
08.Le Babar_No Sleep
09.Eminence Front (Love Supreme Edit)
10.Claude VonStroke – The Greasy Beat ft. Bootsy Collins (Natural Funk Mix)
11.Cerrone_The Only One
12.Alex Metric_Alex Can’t Wait
12.Xinobi_Valsa in NJ
13.Le Principle_The Music
14.Kristof R_Feel It
15.Astropimp_Lay Down Next To Me
16.Rokyoursoul – Whenever I Go Out with U (Disco Edit)
17.Phunk Rockerz – Funky Soul
18.Krapulax_Chicken’s Party
19.MadonnaInto The Groove (Sidechains Remix)


Its too good to be kept tp myself. I just had to do it...and hide your husbands too!


the Guy Manuel Homem-Christo Daft Punk Hemet made easy!

How to build a DP helmet in 750 some odd steps. Quite involved, but props for being so dang goal-oriented. I would've lost interest at step four!



Our favorite mashup mogul, Girl Talk, has just released his new full length album simply named "ALL DAY"!! Its the typical madness we've come to expect from GT, and its completely glorious!! Considering his veritable cornucopia of copyrighted material he pulls from (Toadies, Herbie Hancock, Gucci Mane, Cool Keith, Notorious BIG, Eric Clapton, Ke$ha, Rick Ross, Erasure, Rob Zombie, U2, Big Boi, Gaga....and that was all on the first pass), this sucker is completely FREE!!!


BWillackers ROOT RAWK

For this next installment of Bottom Heavy Humpday, I humbly present to you the next in a series of mixes with the same name (catchy, huh?).  So I’ve never been to Jamaica and I’ve honestly not really been that into Reggae. However, I love dubstep and noticed that I was accruing a growing library of more roots based dub. So i thought it necessary to hash out a mix. Here it is. Some old classics, and some tracks hot out the oven! From the mellow undulating oceanlike basslines of OSC, to the Ritalin-ready speed grime of Skrillex this ones got it all!!  Hope you enjoy it, and send it on to everyone you know!!!!
At my Official.fm account below, you can find tons and tons of other mixes I've posted in the last year or so. Go get the rest of them, and send everyone you know this way!!!!!

2Pac_California Love (Rusko Remix)
Rusko_Sound Guy Is My Target
Groove Armada_Superstylin'
Zinc_Nu Sound
FreQ Nasty vs. Bassnectar_Viva Tibet (East and West mix)
The Partysquad_Murderer (Diplo & JAYOU Remix)
Funtcase_50 Caliber
Skrillex_Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites
FreQ Nasty vs. Propa Tings_Peacemaker (DUB)
Bassnectar_Wildstyle Method feat. 40 Love
Breakage_Run 'em Out (ft. Roots Manuva)
Leo Justi_Dunno Riddim (Kid Conga Inst. Remix)
Little Jinder_Youth Blood (12th Planet & Flinch Remix)

Here's the first installation if you haven't downloaded it yet!!


Dena Schuckit

Dena Schuckit's exquisite landscapes have caught my eye. With the familiar shapes and mysteries of Yves Tanguy but with a broader more diverese and updated pallete and liberated mark making. The push-pull  from the likes of the patriarch Hans Hoffman is delbarately displayed through her construction and deconstruction. She straddles the great void between order and mess with a grace I want so badly in my own work. I love these!!!


Love Like a Sunset, all housed out and whatnot

Phoenix has now offered another version of Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix track(s) ‘Love Like A Sunset.’ This was a promotional remix offering to fans for the price of a retweet about their Madison Square Garden show which occurred in October (and had a cameo by Daft Punk, no less). The Tong & Rogers Wonderland remix takes the somewhat ambient original track into house dancefloor territory. Get it by clicking here or enjoy it below. good stuff!

Phoenix - Love Like a Sunset (Part 3)

Jamie Woon AGAIN!!!!

I hope you recall the last post with Jamie Woon. His cover of Appalachian Folk song "Wayfaring Stranger" was remixed by the lush and dark Burial. This time around, Burial is involved again as Will Bevan provides a bed of ambience, choirs and bass for Jamie Woon’s soulful croon on ‘Night Air’.

Jamie Woon - 'Night Air' by Last Gas Station

Night Air (Ramadanman Refix) by woon


Sensual Harassment's "BOSS"

Sensual Harassment, our favorite Reptilian Alliance, presents us with another dance floor massacre: "Boss." Much within the lines of the synth injected rock revival we've been enjoying in recent years (Presets, White Lies, Kamp, Cut Copy), but this time shrouded in a deep cloud of rich chocolaty darkness reminiscent in groups like Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk. With an incredible crescendo of light, keys and fantasy makes Boss the secret weapon to any party slayer.  Listen, download and revel in the victory.

Sensual Harassment - "Boss" by sensualharassment


love is gonna save us

Benny Bennasi's 2004 "Love is Gonna Save us" is given the 2k10 dubstep
modifications by Stephan Jacob. ultra!


Supakitch and Koralie's mural!

Supakitch and Koralie create a breathtaking mural. The beauty is as much in the process than it is in the final product. I love that! This makes me want to paint right now!


Damien Marley dubstep. MURDAH!!!!!

This grinder has siezed my attention for the last few weeks. Not the newest kid on the block, but yowza, this one bangs!!! Damien Marley, Jamrock DUBSTEP STYLE!!!!


J.Rabbit rescues us from Eifel65

Dear Anybody,
In 1999 the Italian Electronic Dance trio of Eifel 65 released the unfortunate track "Blue (Da Ba Dee)." The world has suffered at the hand of this sad example of electronic dance and has weakened the digestive fortitude of many attempting to enjoy or even recognize electronic dance as a valid musical form. Could someone, anyone out there, transform this drivel into something palatable?? Please.

Dear BWillackers,
I'll do my best to make it banging.

*(J.Rabbit does not necessarily endorse the language in this letter, nor would necessarily use the term "banging." We here at BWillackers also cannot confirm nor deny the supposed love that J.Rabbit may or may not have for said BWillackers.)


Mondays done right, with Xinobi

Courtesy of WeAreSkitzo, comes a mini mix from one of my fave Dj's out there right now, Xinobi. His track selection is stellar and I can only imagine what the floor looks like when he's at it! Sink your teeth into this one- a floor jumper with the right amount of savoir-faire. Look him up and grab all of his originals and remixes. 
Xinobi - Mixtape Mondays v.26 by WeAreSkitzo


80 Kids new EP.

File under: tracks that make me smile. This is a shining example of what 80kids can do, and it keeps us moving and grinning. This is the type of track that forces us onto the dancefloor and we tear it up the way we do in the privacy of our living rooms.  Check it out and head over to iTunes and pick it up the album "Weekend Warrior," for more boogy opportunities.

80Kidz - Red Star by Mr. TMS

New Star Wars book out this month.

Vanity Fair has a small article on the ultra-awesome new coffee table book The Making of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back released this month.  Packed to the hilt with behind the scenes photographs and stories from the set. Understand, the book strictly gravitates around the initial three movies, New Hope to Return.  We don't speak of the other three movies. We merely keep them locked in the basement, periodically feeding them bread and valium only when Jar Jar starts crying. baby.

simply stunning


Dirty Vegas remixes Groove Armada

Wondered what Dirty Vegas was up to as of late. And guess what I stumbled across: A recent remix of Groove Armada's new one, History. Tastefully done, well crafted goodness.


a DUBSTEP MIX in celebration of the BLOGFACE'S BDAY!!!

This weeks installment of BOTTOMHEAVYHUMPDAY is a bit of treat. I have compiled a mix of the latest remixed dubstep jams. word? A pleasant 27 minute romp through everything from La Roux, Bob Marley, Owl City, Sleigh Bells, Passion Pit etc. Remixed by the insanity of artists such as Trillbass, Skrillex, Mimosa and Bassnectar. Understand however that BWillackers aint no Dubstep Dj, rest assured its tasty nonetheless. I guarantee it.

This comes as a gift to all you followers, subscribers and lurkers of the BLOGFACE. Why? BWillackers BLOGFACE is turning one year old!!! I've committed to something for over a year! That IS something to celebrate!!! Expect more treats in the close future! Download it, listen to it, share it, link it, tweet it, zip it, send it (all the other verbs Daft Punk tells us to do in Technologic).


bwillackers and the bottom heavy humpday review (mediafire link)

Passion Pit_Sleepyhead (DYM Dubstep Rmx)
Owl City_Fireflies (Etubbs&Trillbass Rmx)
Sleigh Bells_Run the Heart (Bassnectar Rmx)
Bob Marley_Is this Love (Logik Rmx)
Yael Nahim_Toxic (Britney Spears Cover) (16-Bit Rmx)
Imogean Heap_Hide and Seek (Mt Eden Rmx)
Nneka_Heartbeat (Chase&Status Rmx)
Dirty Vegas_Days Go By (Mimosa Rmx)
Nelly Fortado_Magical World (Bassnectar Rmx)
La Roux_In for the Kill (Skrillex Rmx)



Wowsers! Apologies on the tardiness of the post. This installment is in commemoration of Bassnectar's visit to our fair city. Thursday night he brought his wrecking-ball of bass to the rafters of the Neighborhood Theater. Minimal AC on a 90 degree evening, 1400 screaming bassheads and chest rattling low-end. What can i say, twas a great evening.

Here's a great remix, has definitely been around for a hot minute, but still great. Bassnectar remixes the Pixie's alt classic "Where is my mind." Let it rattle!!!

the Pixies_Where is my Mind (Bassnectar Remix)


Dubstep remix from our favorite car commercial

You probably remember the original track from a car commercial, circa 2003. It went like so: a Mitsubishi packed with smartly dressed and ethnically diverse club kids drives through highly illuminated metropolitan streets. The track banging through our television speakers while the star of the advert, a young and talented club darling, pops-and-locks in the passenger seat.  The track made it big for about five days, Mitsubishi Eclipse sales increased by a half of a percent, and the general populous of young America still insisted on purchasing Linkin Park. Electronic music in America has about as much difficulty breaking into the mainstream market as water polo does.

Here's BWillackers offering for BOTTOM HEAVY HUMPDAY. A sweet version of Dirty Vegas' "Days go by," remixed by Mimosa - dubstep style FOOLS!!


Great sculptures. Stuffed animals eating animals.

As many of you may or may not know, my art in the recent years has gravitated towards the subject matter of the animal kingdom. Not just cute animals, but more so narrowed in to the ferocity of predators and the more unpleasant habits of those higher on the food chain. 
In that note, please check out the beautiful irony of Jennifer Muskopf's haunting animal sculptures. Her animals, though like stuffed toys, display all the unapologetic tenacity for survival as any real creature (hunting, feeding young, reproducing, giving birth). I love these. She also has an incredible collection of paintings (think, Chirico meets Grandma Moses). If you can't stomach her flesh eating tigers, her creation story telling cockroaches or deep sea creatures, they have a store with the "cuter" side of the craft here.



Every Wednesday, we'll be featuring another track and/or artists who generally gravitates around the low end side of things.  Those guys bent on finding out how good your speakers are - wobble, dubstep, jack beats, whatevs. If it shakes, you'll find it here!!

Today we feature an odd cut from Yael Naim.  Residing in Paris France, via Israel, you may remember her song "New Soul" on the Mac Air adverts.  However, here she's giving Britney Spears' "Toxic" a smooth and sultry do-over. Then, 16-Bit gets a hold of it and wrecks the whole thing with his gritty low end dubstep tendencies.


Active Child + Classixx = Slow Jam of the century

I cannot tell you how many times I've listened to this track. The original track comes to us via L.A.'s Pat Grossi, aka Active Child. A choir boy in his younger years, threads  a quilt of synths effortlessly interweaving his angelic voice amongst the patterns. Theres not a track of his I've heard yet that I do not like.  The "must see" at SXSW, in NME's top 20 new bands of 2010 and one of Pitchfork's rising artists. With the pile of accolades it makes sense for you guys to go check him out.
Now lets add Classixx to the mix of Active Child's "When Your Love is Safe."  I loved the original, but Classixx gives it the neo 80'sish-90'sish R&B slow jam treatment. These two groups create a mesmerizing combo!! I Can't get enough!!!! I'm sure you'll feel the same.


Desktop Wallpapers to blow yo mind

Kitsune Noir is a blog I've been religiously following for about a year now. Chocked full of design, art, music, food fashion and all of it as amazing as it comes and you should follow it as well! Everything itty bitty BWIllackers hopes to be.....sigh. Kitsune runs a desktop wallpaper project that spans the spectrum of international designers fore-fronting creative innovation. The most recent is a smashing integration of screen parameters and timelines in history.
 "For this weeks wallpaper though Pavel has created Wikipedia Desktop History, which in my opinion is a stroke of genius. He took the dimensions of the wallpapers, such as 1920 by 1200, and then found interesting tidbits of info that happened in the corresponding year."
How snazzy is that!?!  Go grab your corresponding screen dimensions and then waste a couple hours plus browsing the archives, and thank me later. KN is now a link here at the BLOGFACE!!!!


Tallest Man On Earth covers Paul Simon

I've never been to Graceland, and consequently struggle with Paul Simon's work post Simon&Garfunkle (minus that one track with that sweet Chevy Chase video).  Tallest Man On Earth old timey grit and sincerity, helps me within my struggles. I can now listen to "Graceland" with joy and ease. Join with me, on my "Learning to Love Paul Simon" quest.

Paul Simon_Graceland (Tallest Man On Earth Cover)

Diplo&Jayou take on the PartySquad

Hollertronix turns out a floor burner. Then if its not bad enough, Diplo and Jayou convert it into napalm!! Horrible metaphors, i know, just grab this ‘en up and it should suffice as an offering of penance for said literary transgressions.

The Partysquad_Murderer(Diplo&Jayou Remix)


Your Dirty Habit shreds M.I.A.'s "Steppin' Up"

The lethal duo known as Your Dirty Habit, has been concocting beats of mass destruction since 2006 in a lab tucked away somewhere in our fair city of Charlotte, NC.  Whether they are Djing or constructing layers of sonic insanity these guys have not only been sweating over their beats but have been directly invested in establishing a solid community of beat fiends here in Charlotte. YDH established the Street Value event series, which has drawn the likes of Designer Drugs, AC Slater, Jubilee and has quickly become an institution within the Charlotte scene.  Some of the hardest working guys in the Charlotte music scene, and one of the better live experiences anywhere around! Currently, YDH has been broadening their range of impact for greater levels of domination, traveling and hitting spots all over the East Coast.  So hunt them down, grab everything they have and support your local bangers!

Dave of YDH has remixed a reeediculous UK dubheavy version of M.I.A.'s "Steppin' Up"
M.I.A. - "Steppin' Up" (Dave Dirty Remix) HARD LA / M.I.A. by yourdirtyhabit

ALSO!!!!!! Here is a massive cache of all of YDH's mixes to date!! All incredible. Enjoy NOW!


Rusko remixes Lady Gaga's Alejandro

Rusko does his magic on Lady Gaga's Alejandro. She probably went too far with her vid, but Rusko brings the deep goodness back!!



Daryl Hall/Chromeo collaboration.

This is a complete good.  In part to the ensuing onslaught of 70's/80's groove throw-back crews like Breakbot, Mr. Flash, Chromeo, Air, Quinten 909, Lorenz Rhode, Rootz, Hot Toddy, Shazam, Siriusmo etc I have gone on a deep exploration of that generation defining sound created in those smoky disco joints during the era of excess (where house was born). Alan Parsons Project, the Pointer Sisters ("Automatic" is my jam), Hall & Oats, Prince and the like have been flowing from my ear buds, lappy and auto.  Then I found this collaboration which fluttered down like a dove with all it's divinity: Hall&Oats with Chromeo.  This is excellence in the making.  I love listening to the sages who defined music and art in their generation passing on their gift, lessons and experience to the new kids.  I get all warm inside.

Here is Part Eins of the Daryl Hall and Chromeo collab. PLUS the gorgeous redo of the studio classic "No Can Do." This is so amazing to watch!!

Chromeo & Daryl Hall_I Can't Go for That (No Can Do)