Site Saturday: Cats + Scanner= Cat Scanner Art (not vry original title, sue me!)

Got a cat? Got a scanner? The choice is clear.

Brought to you by the madness of SADANDUSELESS.COM

The lush works of Will Barras

Oh man, Will Barras' work, a vibrant wild fire, has been coloring my day today. 
Please make a place in your day for a good viewing of his work. Gorgeous.


Surkin's Free Mix on Nova Planet

Surkin has produced a super-fun mix for NovaPlanet, which you can download as a Podcast.
Great mix!! It's been my work buddy for the last couple of days. Indicative of his recent sets, Surkin's pulling from the early days of heavy vocal samples, and some nasty melody lines and an addictive pulse that has fond traces of the old NYC Sonic Groove sound.  Its all in French, but just click on the little iTUNES logo. Oui?  There's a ton of mixes from a ton of legendary French Producers and Dj's. Go get'em all!!


Dan Meth Vid - Stuffed Otter/Beaver/IDK goes to Occupy Wallstreet

Stosqui ventures into the 'Occupied' territory.

Stosqui Visits Occupy Wall Street from Dan Meth on Vimeo.

Site Sunday: The mad world of Dan Meth

Illustrator, animator, revelator, incredible creative force-or.   His website is seeping over with hilarious and innovative content.  Granted all i have displayed here is from his POP CULTURE CHART series, which I've been buzzing off of for quite some time now, so I hope he can forgive me. Nonetheless, this NYC native doesnt make uninteresting work (that based on what he chooses to post, granted).  With work out on College Humor, Comedy Central, Cartoon Network his work speaks for itself. His propensity for creation makes me want to draw/create/explore more erryday!!! 


Works of Tim Biskup

I saw his animals, most specifically his tiger, and immediately wanted more.  His work is incredibly diverse and prolific. Please go to his site and explore! 

Hey Champ remixes Luther Vandross

Ah, this is the good stuff. Hey Champ has just revealed their remix/edit of Luther Vandross' 'Sugar and Spice' and yes it is everything nice (Holy crap, did I just say that!?!?! sorry friends)!  Love the new R&B remixes popping up errywherr!!  

Sugar & Spice (Hey Champ Edit) by Hey Champ

BONUS!!! Hey Champ Winner's Circle mix series. An incredibly funky romp! Romp on folks!
Winner's Circle Volume 3: COOL IN THE POOL by Hey Champ


Cyclist bringing the Disco back in Nu Disco

I have no idea why some of the music falling off the end of conveyer belt in recent days is being dubbed 'nu disco.'  The only accuracy in that moniker is that its new (and with a cutsie colloquial spelling at that!!). Cyclist, like a disco-zombie, resurrecting himself from a shallow grave, circa 1975, infecting the locals with the real deal (Hey, Halloweens fast approaching. Just expect more zombie related analogies in the coming posts. maybe.) Showing up in Treasure Fingers', DCUP's and the C-90's setlists, Cyclist can do no wrong! His new EP now on Homebreakin Records.   THIS is Disco!

05 Point Blank by Cyclist
08 Bass Face (Hemingway Remix) by Cyclist


Hard Mix - SC musician w/ free album well worth your time!!

I have a new neighbor: South Carolina’s electronic producer Noah Smith, aka Hard Mix. His label, Dovecote, has offered up his freshmen full length, Defaults, for nothing!!! The album is incredible from the first to the last - sample heavy, gurgly, aquatic beats accompanied by broken keyboards, feedback but always remaining hazy and melodic.  Perfect rainy weather music. I've been caught up in it for the last couple of days.

You can download the album for free. That’s right: his new label, Dovecote Records, likes the album so much they have decided to give it away to the world at no cost.  Just go to Dovecote Records' Facebook Page, hit the 'like' button and you will receive a link to the download!! Amongst all your other likes - "cheeseburgers, high fives, farmland, maifiaville and toms - I'm sure you can afford another 'like.'
Thats it and its yours!!!  You definitely wont be sorry!


Monday Morning Music - RAC's 'Rescue Song' rmx

Mr. Little Jeans' smokey almost-pop track 'Rescue Song' remixed by RAC. Now a bit punchier with edges nicely frayed. A brisk autumn morning couldnt get better.

Mr. Little Jeans - Rescue Song (RAC Mix) by RAC


Adult Swim offers a free compilation of UK Bass stompers

Adult Swim just released this massive compilation of rare and unreleased UK Bass.  There are so many great tracks here, that it’s definitely worth listening to the whole thing. Download the whole thang  here.
I've always been impressed with Adult Swim's care in featuring innovative music on the network. From their Ghostly Swim series to this - its an incredible passion for collaboration!!


Clark Goolsby's insane collages - dang I wanna go make stuff now!

Mixed Media. The kind that makes me want stop everything I'm doing and create!!! I can't even begin to tell why i love these collages as much as I do. Simply stunning!
Go to Clark Goolsby's site and be inspired.


Mogwai Remixes Laki Mera - stunning

I can't recall a time in recent days in which a remix demanded my attention as much as this one. I generally go about my day, scouring the web for tracks par excellence in tandem with my regular work flow.  Jams are generally found and my work area is filled with sonic treasures from round the interwebs - but generally just as background for my day-to-days. Mogwai's remix of Laki Mera's 'Craters' forced me to covet time with music again. Slowing the track down about 10 BPMs, and moving in a sonic wall of tingly synths and about as much pad ministry as any hardened heart could handle, Mogwai gives Laki's voice the opportunity to float - interweaving itself within its newly found watery sound. Stunning and tastefully accomplished.

 I can recall Telefon Tel Aviv doing the same thing when I first popped in their classic single Fahrenheit Fair Enough. In that case, my internal parameters for what electronic music could be, were forced to crumble. My paradigm shifted.  Granted, as sappy as this blog entry is slowly becoming, Mogwai's remix of Craters is not a game changer. However, it simply moves my hectic day into a slower RPM, and calls to remembrance why I love music as much as I do.

Laki Mera - Crater (Mogwai Remix) by Just Music label

The original. An already incredible track!

Crater by Laki Mera