gLAdiator remixes Katy Perry's 'Wide Awake' Trap style

Providing us with a glorious Trap version of Katy's hit 'Wide Awake, gLAdiator, 
again proves a remix could be a vast improvement from the original. 


Breton Labs remixes Local Natives

Came across this from Breton Labs the other day. Excellent stuff.
Check out the rest of his work - consistent and creative.



Huge fan of the AlunaGeorge's original, but Bobby Tank gives it his signature elevated synth + intricate beat sophistication. The extra track is immense and is a must grab!!

Can't get enough of this track


Florence And The Machine - Cosmic Love (Seven Lions Remix)

I'm aware and apologize for not posting more dubstep as of late. I don't want to be another one of the elitist hoity-toity dumb-heads who snub their noses at the bassy younger brother of the electronic family tree. The youngest kids usually get picked on the most.  Here is a gorgeous and quality execution of Florence and the Machine's ubiquitous "Comsmic Love," of whom is very familiar with the remix game. Nonetheless, Seven Lions manages to make it explosively huge yet enhancing the beauty and delicacy of the original. Well done.

Download link after the jump.


Goldroom - Fifteen (ft Chela) (Xtrafunk Rmx)

Warm and soaring with a sweet arpeggiation keeping your ascension steady and smooth. Excellent clean work. You kids need to be putting this on your "Summer Mix" playlists, mix CD's and mixtapes (I'll explain what a "tape" is another time). In the meantime get lost in this song.


Flosstradamus remixes Lana Del Rey

A tad bit road weary and worn around the edges, Lana Del Rey's 'Videogame' has been remixed by most all of the EDM musicians within the earth's 196ish independent nations. Yes, all of them. From the overly exploited acapellas and stem files, Flosstradamus' slow steamer is a stand-out. They blew my mind with their remix of Usher and Diplo's brainchild 'Climax,' a remix in which I thoroughly enjoy more than the original and they are currently doing much of the same here. man!

killing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bro Safari Spring Mix. Head Essplosion!!!

oh man!
Major massive Moomba, Dubstep, D'nB, Trap etc is this 
exceptionally well done mix by Bro Safari.


Kraak & Smaak – Forget About You (feat. Lee Fields) (Basement Freaks Rmx)

Kraak & Smaak are promoting the release of their new compilation “Mixed Feelings” by hooking you all up with the Basement Freaks remix of their track “Forget About You“. Lorenz Rhode, Moon Boots, Perseus and Shazam fans should jump on this immediately.


Dawn Golden & Rossy Cross. Oh My, I can't stop listening!

Dawn Golden and Rossy Cross is actually one fella, Dexter Tortoriello, a 24 year old genius.  I have been soaking in this sound recently. His first EP, off of Mad Decent, is full and lavishly melancholy. Sounds and music resonate differently with each soul. Dexter's music is a magnet to my core, pulling out those thoughts and emotions I've always desired to convey in my own music. It's tone is my own. I can't wait to make more music!!  Distant piano's, broken drum machines, experimental noise and deep lyrical sincerity. Oh Man!! Pick up the his "Blow" EP right now!  

From the 'Blow EP'

Incredible cover, i like much more than the original.

Can't tell you how many times i've listened to this remix. Emotive, mysterious and utterly mesmerizing.


GOLDROOM – FIFTEEN (FT CHELA) *free download

A bright misty oceanic stroll through warmer days, in Josh Legg aka Gooldroom‘s latest single “Fifteen.” 
Accompanied by the lush melodies from Australian vocalist Chela, "Fifteen" draws you in to beautiful memories
I can't get enough of this. This is what music can do.


The Kooks - Naive (Jean Tonique Remix)

Wow! Incredibly uplifting Funk for a "sun-soaked" ride home.
More excellent work from Jean Tonique here. Enjoy!


Adam 'MCA' Yauch 1964-2012

I am saddened by the news of Adam 'MCA' Yauch. 
The Beastie Boys have always been one of my favorite groups, an incredible musical inspiration, and never far from any playlist or mixtape I've compiled. Music just lost a hero of mine.

Mars1 & Doze Green paint

This video is over a year old, but has been inspiring me as of late. Love these guys' work.


May the Fourth

Created by Cisternas

Happy Star Wars Day. From this nerd, to the rest of you.
May the Fourth be with you.


Rustie’s BBC1 Essential Mix

Rustie premiered his Essential Mix Fri Apr 6 on the BBC Radio 1 show, one and only Pete Tong. The mix features a selection of Rap, UK bass, R&B and Trap-style House which Rustie smartly intermingles around his own twitchy, organic funk sounds.

From Rick RossBig Sean and Destiny’s Child the heavy hitters show up in larger-than-life style supplemented by  unreleased work from trend-setters like Hudson MohawkeLunice cleverly marked by this Zelda sample.

***There's definitely offensive language here. Mom and Dad, you may want to think of letting your kids listen to something else, right now.



In lieu of the recent Easter Holiday, Rabbit Recordsreleased their first label compilation.  Tracks from Djemba Djemba (St Andrew)FuzzSnorlax in tandem with other amazing IDM artists.  It's ethereal textures, lurking beats, psychedelic soundscapes and melodies derived from otherworldly technology make this a definitive compilation of the contemporary IDM soundscape. Head over to their Bandcamp page and name your price for this incredible compilation.


Shook Feat. Ronika - Distorted Love

Some glorious funk tastefully delivered by Shook. With an immense remix of Ting Ting's 'Hang it up' (one of which blows my mind!), and a complete arsenal of originals and innovative remixes - a throw-back sound, pocket grooves and intoxicated keyboard solos intermingle with perfection. 

and you need to get this one, by any means necessary

Planet Rock gets the Moombahton rework from Sol Selecta

Remixing Planet Rock!?!?! I'm all ears! Sol Selecta's work is top notch, and is a must. Its free anyway, 
so what exactly are you gonna lose? Go to Sol Selecta's Soundcloud page and grab the rest of it.

Moombahton Massive EP # 7
1. Planet Rock (Sabo / Elektric Remix) - Africa Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force
2. Doin Ya Thang (Sabo Edit) - Oliver $ feat. Moodyman
3. Kid Shake and Sister Pop - Sabo
4. I Get Lifted (Special ReKwest Sabo Dub) - MAW feat. Barbara Tucker
5. Big Bad Wolf (Toddla T remix / Sabo edit) - Duck Sauce
6. La Mania (Sabo's Corto Edit) - Billy The Gent

A brief video about the Letterpress

Heres a short charming video with an over abundant use of shallow depth of focus, providing a brief introduction to ye olde letterpress.

The Party Squad's 'Lighterman'

Posted this Partysquad track eons ago, but still awesome.


Site Sunday: The BIG Caption

Graphic Designers and Fontwhores start your photocopiers! Take contemporary photojournalism, 
add to the mix, snarky graphic designers and you get the glory of 


The Admiral's Trap by Jonah Block

Why yes, Admiral, you're right on the money again!

Go buy Jonah Block's image over at his Society6 page.

Moon Boots - Got Somebody

I can't get enough of this! I want to be on the floor when this songs slinks it's way into the mix. Released by French Express and FREE! So go to the Soundcloud link and grab it! 


Turntable Drawing Apparatus

“Drawing Apparatus” made from two turntables by Robert Howsare. 
Math, mechanics and music collide!

Hilltop Hoods - Now You're Gone (Muffin Remix)

Generally, Muffin rides the wave of BPM's raging from a sugar high. Here, we see a blatant display 
of versatility in their remixing prowess. Excellent down tempo rendition. 


Protohype's hop-step goodness : Light Shift

Photographer Ian Ruhter's vid 'Silver and Light.'

Compelling, honest and beautifully shot. I am completely captivated by this video. 
After the third or fourth viewing, I have no excuse NOT to create. Be inspired.
Check out more of Ian Ruhter's work here, and more of his wetplate work here.



Muppet Star Wars Figures - Why wasn't I notified!?!?!

The Corporate Giant of all things imagination, mice and wishing on stars has taken it upon themselves to produce, market and sell Muppet based Star Wars action figures. As far as I am aware, I am still without any of these in my possession, and the press release was from November. I remember that episode way back in 1980, and reruns of the same - the Muppets accompanied by much of the cast from Star Wars. I can't tell you how many times I watched that episode. I miss that show and most the movies (at least the one's in which Jim Henson was still involved). So much of my imagination was molded by the Muppets and Star Wars. Unfortunately, the figures can only be purchased at any Disney Themepark; but not if Ebay has anything to say about it!   Here's some fun facts correlating Star Wars with the Muppets.

Mighty Mouse remixes Nyteowl

Mighty Mouse's remixing career has been on a steady incline. His latest work, for Nyteowl’s “Love Of Mine,” is a bit larger than what we usually hear from M2. He's taken his signature disco groove to a grittier destination and is a much welcomed change.



Mad Decent head honcho Diplo and Dutch ‘dirty House’ originator (and DMP alumnus) Vato Gonzalez have just unleashed a club killer. “Rasclart Riddim” gets under your skin and keeps you itching. Insanely addictive, with cross-hairs aimed straight for the dancefloor. According to Diplo it’s for 'his DJ buddies.' 


Anbuley pushes African music into the Club's Future

 Anbuley’s second EP ‘Kemo′ Yoo Keke‘ is available now and has already been said to push African music into the future. Produced by Tipanic (Big’n'Hairy) this EP ignores continental as well as genre boundaries. The lyrics are entirely sung in Ga (language spoken mainly in the Accra area), the music is inspired by European dancefloors. This makes for an exciting Afro-European take on club music. Anbuley herself is based in Vienna, Austria but rooted in Ghana. Amazing work!

Nick Legan's Electro Mix 'Game of Chaos"

Quality Electro set


SBTRKT gets the Moombahton treatment w/ Essbeedee's Remix

Essbeedee, offers up his strong and unassuming remix of SBTRKT's 'Hold On.' Excellent work - Clean, simple, supplimented with a nice rumbly bassline. perfect.

Flosstradamus' New EP 'Total Recall' (fo free)

Chicago DJs, Flosstradamus, are presenting their new EP through Mad Decent, which you can download for free. An exquisite train wreck of trance-hop, tropical beats, bpm levels cranked to insanity and sweat drenched dance floors. Get your fix.


Hey Champ Remixes Robert Palmer

Hey Champ's eclectic remix library is, as creative as it is quality. I have yet to hear something I don't find entirely addictive!

Their remix of Luther Vandross' Sugar & Spice is a definite 'go-to' in my sets


Diplo Sirius XM Blow Your Head Mix 9

Granted, its his Ninth Episode, but asplosive enough to tell you about. 


Banksy Defaces the Simpsons

Consider me late to the party, but I was totally unaware of Banksy's redo of the (eternally edited) Simpsons intro.  The Bristol, England artist art-directed the hallowed ground of "The Simpsons" title sequence. I would assume some areas of political and social allegiance each would mutually endorse [Banksy and the Simpsons' creators/producers], and Banksy in part would simply produce hilarity and high-jinx. I was terribly wrong, and silly for believing he would do nothing but deface the beige facade of the status quo. For that I applaud you, sir.  Good to see some sketches from Banksy, rather than a finished stencil or canvas.