Paper Plates' dazzling remix if Adele & Body Language

Right about now, L.A.'s Paper Plates can do no wrong. I first heard his remix of Body Language and immediately became a pivotal anthem of Spring. And now I'm hearing his remix of Adele and I can barely contain my joy and adulation for this groove genius. BEHOLD!!!!!
Body Language - Social Studies (Plastic Plates Remix) by PLASTiC PLATES
Gypsy and The Cat - Jona Vark (Plastic Plates Remix) by PLASTiC PLATES


Site Saturday: NOT NOW, SKELETOR!

Apparently Skeletor has escaped the confines of the He-Man Universe and is currently reeking havoc on countless other cartoons.  This hilarious site is fan fed and is still rather new in the blog game. Show it some support!!


A worthy fundraiser and BWillackers first Radio Show for download!!

As I have told you before, Plaza Midwood Community Radio (PMCRadio.org), is an independent internet radio out of my hometown of Charlotte, NC. It's seriously incredible with some of the best radio shows out there!! Browse their radio show schedule and you'll definitely agree with me! I can't tell you how excited I am, being involved with PMCRadio.  

This Saturday night (June 25th), we will be holding a benefit show to help raise finances will help us attaining our tax exempt 501c status, paying our yearly Sound Exchange license fees and a studio for us all to broadcast live from!

To commemorate this fine occasion, I've provided for all you lovely peeps out there, the very first volume of my own Radio Show, Social Studies, for free download. You can hear it at PMCRadio.org every Friday at 4pm and on Sunday at 2pm!!! DOWNLOAD AND ENJOY!!!

(especially when its awesome)


Gabriell's keeping it classy with his Skrillex remix

The Italian troublemaker, Gabriell, softens the edges of this already classic floor-grinder  'Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites' and gives it some of that signature funk. Its like unplugging the speakers, pausing the underage fist-pumpers in mid pump, and giving their hips something to move to! I love his curve-ball interpretation here. This is everything I love about the creative outlet of remixing. Move to it people!!!!

Skrillex - Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (Gabriell Remix) by Gabriell

Out of all the gratuitous mind-numbing bass and primeval volume levels that somehow constitute for quality remixing, everyone and their momma's have taken a swing at Skrillex's track. Most are sub-par at best. Noisia's definitely stands out! Who can make a rough track extremely rougher??? This brother can!!!! booya!
Skrillex - Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Noisia Remix) by NOISIA


Mr. Scruff's Wobble Control and a six hour mix!!!

Man oh man, I haven't listened to Mr. Scruff in quite some time. I remember snagging 'keep it unreal' on special order, and completely falling in love with his jazz riffs, obscure sound bite hilarity and seemingly off the cuff analog solos. Then 'Trouser Jazz' was released and i was in ecstasy yet again. Unfortunately our love waned and I found new musicians to fawn and drool over.  But I just heard his latest 'Wobble Control' and I've been wooed yet again!! He has also, for a limited time, offered a SIX HOUR MIX of his usual concoction of soft 60s funk, 70s low slung funk, jazz, lounge - pretty much everything i've been digging for a bit now! This all in commemoration of the 12th birthday of Scruff’s Keep It Unreal residency. 

To download this mix (for the next 3 weeks only) go to http://www.mrscruff.com, click on ‘download code’ & enter the code ‘PguNxg’.
Mr Scruff live DJ mix from Keep It Unreal 12th Birthday, BOTW, Manchester, Saturday June 4th 2011 by Mr Scruff


Site Sat: Gaming for the dessert chef in you!! The Cake is NOT a lie!

GAMEFROSTING is a super fun romp for the culinary gaming nerd in you!!  Gamefrosting has tons of images everything from Black Ops cupcakes, Fallout birthday cakes, BioShock Wedding Cake, Super Mario muffins, Left for Dead Gingerbread cookies, and a Gingerbread Companion Cube etc etc!! I love this site!!  Through in a ton of quality cosplay, fan original art, lego creations etc. Super cullinary fun for the gamer in you!!! 


Your Dirty Habit remixes Nicki Minaj

Charlotte's Dirty Duo, Your Dirty Habit, has gifted us with a tasty floor-burner from their properly named young budding new genre, 'drumstep.' Here's YDH remixing hip-hop's new darling, Nicki Minaj's 'Did it on em.'  (this ones gots cussin' in it)

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Choo Choo's amazing remix of Pharoa Black Magic

Pharao Black Magic remixes CHOO CHOO, and this incredible remix was reissued to commemorate PBM's new EP, Heliopolis. The synth riff, though a tad bit repetitious, is completely contagious, builds like a champ and weaves a melodious pattern of deliciousness alongside the vocal. terrific for summer playlists!


Coupons remixes Show Your Shoe

Two great groups combining their powers!!! Coupons takes on the wave-making Show Your Shoe, who changed the tide with their rather amazing EP Technik City. 

Show Your Shoe - Azur Indigo Prisma Safran Marmor (Coupons Remix) by Coupons


Steve Powers street art / signage poetry...sorta

If you love handrawn type or innovative slants on street art, you need to check out Steve Powers!!! Steve Powers creates open ended conversations between passersby and the invisible narrator (the writing on the wall) - Always a mystery: what is this about, who is this person writing to, who is this person anyway - conjures up many amazing conversations and pondering sessions. Like signage from yesteryear, his work simple and immaculate yet maintains a personal touch - an intimacy between the artist and viewer. Check out this video of his 100th daily painting!! I really need to do something like that!!

Go check out Steve Powers site too. So much to be inspired by!!

DAYS by Steve Powers from Georgia on Vimeo.


Site Saturday: Every MAD Magazine cover ever

Doug Guilford has compiled a scanned archive of every Mad Magazine, all the way back to its first issue in 1952. Every scan also logs the contents of each issue as well. This is a phenomenal compilation of a great American tradition, in satire. I bought my first issue in fourth grade and Alf was on the cover. Didn't really understand the political stuff in it, but I sure loved Spy vs. Spy,  Al Jaffe's fold-ins and most especially Serge Aragones' strips! Added bonus, Here's a great article the NYTimes did in 08 about Al Jaffe's 40+ years with MAD.  Enjoy the site, its an American history lesson in hilarity!

the first issue I purchased


Benjamin Thomas Rawson's mappings of coloful phsyche

Benjamin Thomas Rawson's images layout like maps of surreal landscapes, riddled with dreamlike architecture, splendid colors and basketballs (an essential for any legitimate surrealist illustration). His 'centered' compositions on stark white backdrops send contrasts signals in comparison to his playful objects and structures. Gives a pleasant but striking paradox to the viewing experience. I wonder if he likes basketball.