Hey Champ Remixes Robert Palmer

Hey Champ's eclectic remix library is, as creative as it is quality. I have yet to hear something I don't find entirely addictive!

Their remix of Luther Vandross' Sugar & Spice is a definite 'go-to' in my sets


Diplo Sirius XM Blow Your Head Mix 9

Granted, its his Ninth Episode, but asplosive enough to tell you about. 


Banksy Defaces the Simpsons

Consider me late to the party, but I was totally unaware of Banksy's redo of the (eternally edited) Simpsons intro.  The Bristol, England artist art-directed the hallowed ground of "The Simpsons" title sequence. I would assume some areas of political and social allegiance each would mutually endorse [Banksy and the Simpsons' creators/producers], and Banksy in part would simply produce hilarity and high-jinx. I was terribly wrong, and silly for believing he would do nothing but deface the beige facade of the status quo. For that I applaud you, sir.  Good to see some sketches from Banksy, rather than a finished stencil or canvas.


DJ Kue & SNDCLSH Remix Pointer Sisters

DJ Kue and SNDCLSH (which is a collaboration between Lupe Fiasco and his friend Sky Gellatly) turn Pointer Sister's 1983 track into a party starter with a house kickdrum and some growling halfstep flavor. Automatic was featured on an episode of Soul Train and won a Grammy in '85.