'Drive' Gets Retro with Kavinsky

Last weekend I saw Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive starring Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, and Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston. The film left me not knowing how I really felt about it, which is a good thing. It has a very simple plot with solid acting and a lot of long takes; an artsy movie for sure, as is Refn's custom having directed Bronson and Valhalla Rising. Refn's films are typically pretty violent, but Drive raised the bar in many ways with some of the scenes actually making the entire theater gasp. Sawed-offs, straight razors, and boot heels is all I have to say. My hope is that Drive will be for Gosling what The Departed was for DiCaprio, and that he leaves behind his chick-flick poster child past in search of more original and gritty roles like this. But I digress. What really made Drive cool was it's soundtrack. Composed and compiled by Cliff Martinez, it gives the movie that retro-80's feel and it complements the scenes perfectly. The intro credits roll with Gosling cruising around L.A. at night with Kavinsky's "Nightcall" setting the tone for how the movie would play out. Warmed my soul to no end and instantly elevated the film to Bad A status. With Daft Punk doing the score for Tron: Legacy and Knife Party's dubstep remix being featured in a trailer for Lucas' Red Tails, we may be seeing the beginnings of a new norm for Hollywood soundtracks. While this is exciting for one part of me, the other part is crying in a corner hoping it isn't true.




  1. boot heels have always been my weapon of choice

  2. they were grossly underrated in my book until i saw this movie.