Meggs 'Sons of Privelage' and painting back in AUS

Melbourne's 'Meggs' has been creating some amazing work. Pulling from comics,  wild yet accurate paint strokes that give a focus to his signature style equivocal only to his subject matter. Throwing in a few Cap. America references for all the right reasons: the en vogue cinematic topic of the Summer and being the great American Superhero (like Superman, but with a healthy added dose of Kitsch).  Swords, masks, helmets all the stuff of heroes and legends we contrive in our minds. Incredible use of iconography.  The  incredibly intricate ballet he choreographs between the use of can, hard edges, stencil and his painterly approach to even his wall pieces consistently has breathtaking results. Enjoy the video below of his recent piece alongside Australian legends Luster and Kid Zoom. Here's his Flickr account too. Enjoy!


Macklemore and Seattle Hip-Hop

So maybe I'm just behind on the times but I've just begun to rock to Macklemore. Far beyond the trite term 'conscious rap' he's simply genuine. Bold in the face of sentimentality, he reminisces on earlier/better days and wins the retrospective flavor without the sap or cheese. Couples with the emotive power of producer and friend Ryan Lewis their tracks are pastoral, sincere and intensely intricate in both poetry and production.  Vipanssa is a stand out track (which in essence is quite difficult to say, considering these guys don't do 'filler tracks'), with lines worthy of writing down and taping to your bathroom mirror or refrigerator so as to seep into your active sub conscious:  'expectations are resentments waiting to happen.'


Scott Waters Military paintings

Scott Water's work is exquisite. His military work is both an ode and a fantastic record of the camaraderie and noble efforts of the individuals within the military. He maneuvers around the often times typical artistic sneer towards the conceptualized "military industrial complex" and gives a more conceptualized face to those within the 'machine' who breathe, eat, miss family, hurt, laugh and desire and gravitate towards friendship and community.  His body of work is soft yet leaves no detail ignored and has quite the lean towards Norman Rockwell's handle of humanity.  Check out his work!!!

The Burning Ear's Best Remixes of 2011 Vol. 1

Head over to THE BURNING EAR and scoop up an incredible compilation of the web's best remixes of the first half of the year!!! StarSlinger, RAC, the Go Team, James Blake. So so so much audio goodness!!


Paradise Garage Sound System Block Diagram

Audio schematic from NYC's Paradise Garage, the east coast's spot where it all started.

Designed and installed by Richard Long of Richard Long & Associates, Paradise Garage sold NOTHING. No liquor, beer, food or anything else. They were interested in establishing a dance culture, not just a cool place for kids to doll-up and chat. This place was pre-scene and most definitely BH (before hipsters). 


Legan and Met

Legan and Met are an electro/new wave production duo from Amsterdam, Holland. Very similar to Russ Chimes and the Valerie Collective. Lovin the direction of these budding new producers. They have a few more freebies on their soundcloud. Go grab 'em!

Legan and Met - Zeppelin Skyline by LeganandMet
Legan and Met - Lost by LeganandMet

Mad Decent Block Parties in Cities bigger than mine!!

Mad Decent Block Parties, this year presented by Native ShoesStopping in Philadelphia, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. If you're around any of these towns, you can find the dates on MD's site. If you're not in one of those towns, you can enjoy a good mope.


Site Saturday: Found Footage Festival

So, I'm obviously behind the times on this discovery. But goodness gracious, the interwebs is so vast - like a digital outer space with a bevy of unexplored planets inhabited by blogs and untapped wells of cleverly edited photos, cat videos, and mash-ups. 

Found Footage Fest is one such website.  The premise of said site is uncovering old footage from VHS tapes. Man oh man, there is so much content, a sparkling gems of awkward folks doing what they do: how to bathe your kitten("cats hate to have their claws trimmed. They will fight you"), sex through hypnosis, Chuck Norris as an animated karate hero, fun with character voices.....i just keeps getting better and better!

Gigamesh EP coming this Summer! Ohhhhh Yeah!

Pretty soon we'll know the logistics of the EP. All we know right now is the tracklist, and a handful of sweet snippets to listen to with great intent.  I'm loving it already!
Gigamesh EP sampler (coming this summer) by GIGAMESH


Michael Jackson Tribute Mix, BWillackers style. Yes, fo free!!

Yes, its a couple of weeks late, but I've been a busy bee as of late. This is a version of a mix I preformed live back in early June.  This tribute contains Remixes of Man in the Mirror, Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough, Rock With You, Say Say Say, Thriller, Bad, PYT, Beat It from artists like Louis La Roche, Gigamesh, Freemasons, Funktions, Das Glow, Moonchild and Justrock. Just rememberin' the King of Pop in my own special way.


NEW BREAKBOT MIX!!!! I'm giddy!!

Its safe to assume, my life and its accumulated can be partitioned into Breakbot mixes. Dance on Glass, In NU Dj's We Trust, Valentine's Mixtape, I've memorized them all. When I saw he released a new mix, a new part of my life began. You think I'm weird don't you? That's fine, I just wouldn't mention your Twilight action figure collection to anyone. (Jacob's action figure has the same expression for every life experience known, and Edward's sparkles)
Breakbot - Lazy Sunday Selecta by edbangerrecords

Tracklist (for anyone who cares) -
MFSB – something for nothing
Latoya Jackson – a taste of you
Count coolout – rythm rap rock
Mr Flash – domino part A 
John Gary Williams – honey
Surface – falling in love
Linda Lewis – class style
Gene Dunlap – there’s talk
BB&Q Band – hard to get around
Kashif – I just gotta have you
Conway & Temple – Love lights
Kwick – Nightlife
Prince Charles and the City Beat Band – bush beat
Breakbot feat Ruckazoid – Fantasy (acapella)
Ron Richardson – ooh wee babe
The Nick Straker Band – A little bit of jazz
Logg – dancing into the stars
Dino Terrell – you can do it (leroy burgess edit)
Fela Kuti – water no get enemy
Cardell Funk Machine – shoot your shot
Carly Simon – Why
Willie Hutch – Mother’s theme (the mack ost)
Saint Tropez – belle de jour
J Dilla – don’t cry
Soul Mann and the Brothers – bumpy’s lament
Zapp & Roger – dancefloor
Exile – never gonna stop
Gap Band – Yearning for your love
Gary Glenn – Cause I love you
Lamont Dozier – Why (ain’t my love enough)
DeBarge – stay with me
Amii Stewart – Friends
Brenda Russell – a little bit of love


Site Saturday: Where's Randy Savage?... Freakin' Hilarious!!

This might be a stretch for many of you youngsters. When I was a little bear, during the golden age of pro wrestling, there was a man/god named Macho Man Randy Savage. Much like the Ultimate Warrior, his monologues are the stuff of legends and are worthy of quoting enumerable times.

Where's Randy Savage is a clever 'waldo-esque' site where individuals post their experience discovering the Macho man in movies, shows, news, historical moments. He's everywhere, and this stuff is hilarious!!