moody skies need moody music

A perfect cloudy spring day with a promise of rain on the wind.  A day begging for a soundtrack like this:two remixes on the deeper side.  Caribou and our new fave Freelance Whales both get a sweet and airy re-rub (If you're feeling a bit frisky, the stems for "Sun" are on Caribou's website, so you can remix it!!! Do it and send it to me!!!) .  Enjoy!!

Caribou_Sun (the Tremulance Remix)

Freelance Whales_Generator First Floor (Aislyn Remix) 

Might as well resubmit to my later blogface followers, this slow-rolling storm front of swelling beauty. Olin remixes Bon Iver's "Woods"


Lifelike remixes Pony Pony Run Run

Holy Canolies!! Lifelike has been one of my favorite electronic artists for a while now - his original stuff, his remixes all stellar. Now he's given the re-rub to the French power pop of Pony Pony Run Run's Walking on a Line. Definitely the best remix of this track. But how do you remix an already terrific track, how do you reinvent the wheel?? When you can't recreate OK Computer, you go KID A, and that's exactly what Lifelike did.  Great new direction, with fresh counter melodies, heavenly keys, great use of the bassline while keeping the vocal track virtually untouched and clean (need to chop up or filter a great chorus like that).

Pony Pony Run Run_Walking on a Line (lifelike Remix)

I've also added one of what I believe is one of Lifelike's best remixes: Australia's the Presets with their track This Boy's in Love.

The Presets_This Boy's in Love (Lifelike Remix)


Take a Ride into the Danger Zone, Suckas!!!

As a film, Top Gun was the first to be edited in accordance to the next gen of filmaking filed under the moniker "the MTV Aesthetic" : frames transition quicker, less time per shot (usually under 5 sec per shot), montages were extended and soundtracks increased in decibel level, etc. Though a few film historians are at odds with this theory, I don't understand how you can't view such an explosive genre like the music video, that budded right during this time (Footloose, Red Dawn, Breakfast Club, Flash Dance all followed suit in sequencing and the like) and not see it's direct effects on the film industry.
Gratuitous big jet scenes, prepubescent quips between pilots, homoerotic volleyball scenes and a very uncomfortable love scene (i saw it in the theater with my mom), this definitely was a Danger Zone!! Thanks Kenny!
Here's some of our favorite musicians from the Juggernaut Minneapolis music scene Solid Gold, taking it into the danger zone for a deep dip into our sticky vat of nostalgia.

Kenny Loggins_Danger Zone (Solid Gold Cover)


FREELANCE WHALES!!! you must listen!

Sure, they don't depart from the typified indie formula: gratuitous glockenspiel, banjo, incorporated accents of electronica gadgetry and uber adorable femme BGV's. Though at first glance, Freelance Whales is merely more contemporary indie rock fodder, however they are most definitely at the top of the heap. For them, this formula works (and it works so so good). The Brooklyn band was one of the featured performers at SXSW this year, and from the reports, they most definitely did not disappoint. Their lyrics are painstakingly crafted with a soft pastoral quality ( most welcomed in the smug/cynical indie hispter music landscape), harmonies are top quality while they piece together the instrumentation like and loving Grandmother takes tender hands to piece a quilt. Listen to "generator second floor" then pick up their LP "Weathervanes" and I'm sure you'll agree that Freelance Whales are simply delightful.

Freelance Whales_Generator Second Floor

A few visitors to NYC happened upon our featured band in the subway. Love the videographer's commentary in the midst of the arm-crossed indie a-holes, who obviously wouldn't know happiness if it pistol whipped them in the back of the head. "Move on to your destinations, hip little grumpy bugs, and leave the good music to those of us who still haven't forgotten how to smile (thats what I would say to them, in my head obviously)."


Malcolm Mclaren: Punk Icon, Hip-Hop visionary (ironic, huh)

“Let’s just say that if Malcolm breathes, it’s too much for me to stomach.” – Johnny Rotten

Malcolm McLaren, former manager of the Sex Pistols and the New York Dolls, died in New York on April the 8th after a bout with cancer. He was 64.
I was never the biggest Sex Pistol's fan, but always had an honorable heart towards what they did to develop the definitive English Punk sound and then ingeniously broadcast it to the masses.  Much of this was Mclaren's brain child; bringing four awkward and unknown musicians together and "provided them with an attitude suited to Britain in decline: nihilistic rage, expressed at high volume (NY Times)."

After the rise and crash (self fulfilling as it is) of the Sex Pistols, Mclaren drew his attentions to both the fashion world and a budding new sound on the New York streets called hip-hop.  McLaren was infatuated with the energy and potential of hip hop, and like the angst of the English sound, felt the need to inject himself into in some manner. He chose to team-up with NY radio DJ's The World Famous Supreme Team to release a number of records in the early 80's (what did he actually do on these records? I have no idea).  The songs produced by Macolm and WFSP have become somewhat of classic hip-hop deep cuts. They're not as know as say De La Soul's "Me, Myself and I," Beastie's "Fight for Your Right to Party," or 2pac's "California Love," but these cuts are back in the corners of hip-hop history ubiquitously sampled, and resonating within the underpinnings of this now massive musical movement.

you may remember this track which found it's way into BWillacker's WARM IT UP VOL. 01.:

Malcolm McLaren and the World Famous Supreme Team_World Famous

If you forgot to grab BWillacker's mix featuring this track, herr it iz:



Sensual Harassments new one: Fever

They are at it again!! First spliced together in a laboratory of retro keys, twitching synths, and beats compressed to manic levels, Sensual Harrassment was formulated. Now, Brooklyn's mutant darlings, are growing beyond the bounds of their cages and reeking total havoc to the dancefloor. BWillackers first notified you of the ensuing destruction a few months ago with their soon classic "Daddy Long Legs" and "Solider" (peep the November post). They have a new one, "Fever." This track was engineered by Jesse Cannon (The Cure, Animal Collective), and mixed by Adam Scheuermann (Coldplay). Pretty *&%$# impressive! I'm sure you'll believe me once you've listened, downloaded and reveled in the madness. Every new track towering over the last. Take cover!


Boone, NC Lets Gooooo!

Come to Boone, NC tomorrow night!! Putting in work!


So what Bon Iver been up to as late?

So Bon Iver has taken a glorious turn of direction. Gayngs, a collaboration of Minneapolis musicians, will be releasing their debut album on May 11th on Jagjaguwar. The star-studded collaboration of Ivan Howard (The Rosebuds), Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), Megafaun, the disco funk throwback crew of Solid Gold, hip-hop genius P.O.S., and more promises to be one of the most exciting listens of the year. Their Minneapolis Monster of a music scene has created a sonic beast indicative to a seventies throw back sound of lurking urban funk, darkened city alleys and steaming manholes. Download “The Gaudy Side of Town” now, and wait with baited breath for their full length will be nothing less than groundbreaking/mindblowing and any many many other compound words!!!!

gayngs_the gaudy side of town