FREELANCE WHALES!!! you must listen!

Sure, they don't depart from the typified indie formula: gratuitous glockenspiel, banjo, incorporated accents of electronica gadgetry and uber adorable femme BGV's. Though at first glance, Freelance Whales is merely more contemporary indie rock fodder, however they are most definitely at the top of the heap. For them, this formula works (and it works so so good). The Brooklyn band was one of the featured performers at SXSW this year, and from the reports, they most definitely did not disappoint. Their lyrics are painstakingly crafted with a soft pastoral quality ( most welcomed in the smug/cynical indie hispter music landscape), harmonies are top quality while they piece together the instrumentation like and loving Grandmother takes tender hands to piece a quilt. Listen to "generator second floor" then pick up their LP "Weathervanes" and I'm sure you'll agree that Freelance Whales are simply delightful.

Freelance Whales_Generator Second Floor

A few visitors to NYC happened upon our featured band in the subway. Love the videographer's commentary in the midst of the arm-crossed indie a-holes, who obviously wouldn't know happiness if it pistol whipped them in the back of the head. "Move on to your destinations, hip little grumpy bugs, and leave the good music to those of us who still haven't forgotten how to smile (thats what I would say to them, in my head obviously)."

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