Derek Eads illustrates the many faces of Bill Murray - necessity purchase

Derek Eads is quite the prolific illustrator. His productivity pales in comparison to his witty visuals and keen pulse on pop culture goodness. His poster of the many Murrays was the first gem I happened upon. Then on to his many illustrations of assorted characters from the library of Wes Anderson movies. His 'hands' series is definitely a highlight that I'm still geeking over. Its a regular nerdfest of genius artistry from my new best friend Derek Eads! Go to his Society6 site and buy up all his posters!!

His 'hands' series. Figure out what movie/comic book/cartoon/television show they come from!!

He also did a Depp!

Edit Murphy - Motown Edits Vol. 1

Man, I'm beginning to think this will eventually be the next big thing in EDM: Motown and R&B. I've been feeling the tectonic plates begin to away from Disco and ever so gradually in this direction, with the help of Dj/producers like Breakbot, Lorenz Rhode, Ulysses 82, Shazam etc that soul sound is coming back!! Edit Murphy is one of those cats helping the continents on their way. Amazing work, simple but not without massive helpings of soul!! Grab them all here!!!!

The Motown Edits Vol. I by Edit Murphy


Site Saturday: Lets talk about Beards!!!

Today's site revels in the manhood that is BEARDS!!  The Beardly.com is an ode to the great expression of testosterone, dudeness and all things facial hair. Beard up or shut up!


Scott Erickson and the Saints of LOST

I found my way to Scott Erickson's work through a ravishing abstract series based on the Lord's Prayer he painted for Derek Webb's electronic album 'FEEDBACK'. Whilst on his site, I happened upon these amazing illustrations Scott has titled the 'Saints of LOST' which he created for the book "The Gospel According to LOST."  With titles like 'Hurley the Patron Saint of Blessed Losers' and 'Ben Linus Patron Saint of Dutiful Tyrants' they are a visually striking as they are clever!


Monsieur Adi's EP 'Fire Fire Fire'

Monsieur Adi is truly making a case for themselves with this latest EP 'FIRE FIRE FIRE.' The title track, Fire Fire Fire, is perhaps the most powerful, thoughtful and well-executed electro/house track I've heard in a while. Granted its quite reminiscent of something Daft Punk would do. Nonetheless, even if it were a DP rehash, its an incredible one at that!!!

Fire Fire Fire by Monsieur Adi

Here are a few other Monsieur Adi tracks we posted last year.

Monsieur Adi_W.A.T.R.

Reni Lane_Place for Us (Monsieur Adi Rmx)

Monsieur Adi_We are Romans (Freak You Rmx) 


Gigamesh + RAC

To prime our pump for Gigamesh's upcoming EP drop (October 4th), RAC remixed the lead single for all of us to enjoy! Available for free downloads, fools!!!
Gigamesh - When You're Dancing (RAC Remix) by GIGAMESH


Dj Mehdi

Our hearts and thoughts go out to Mehdi's family and friends, including his label, Ed Banger Records.  This was Dj Mehdi's final mix, he did for France's Tsugi Magazine.  Mixed live at the Paris Social Club and released just four days before the unfortunate tragedy. Mehdi will be missed.  More details were just released yesterday surrounding his death. Read more at Liberation Next.

1. INTRO: ANTONY & CURRENT 93 ‘Idumea’
3. DJ GREGORY ‘Don’t Panic’
4. AUDIOJACK ‘Jack The Keys’
5. KINK ‘E 79′
6. ADONIS ‘We’re Rocking Down The House’
7. GREGOR SALTO ‘Messe Messe’
8. DANCES WITH WHITE GIRLS ‘It’s About The House’
9. JAMIE JONES feat. ALI LOVE ‘Forward Motion’
10. CANBLASTER ‘Air Totem’
11. THE RAPTURE ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ A-TRAK Remix
12. THE WEEKND ‘What You Need’ ADAM PORT Remix
13. AZARI&III ‘Into The Night’ RENAISSANCE MAN Remix
14. NATHAN FAKE ‘Xmas Rush’ DUB
15. CASSIUS ‘La Notte’



DC and Marvel Corporate Style Guides. Heroes with Pantones!!

A Corporate Style Guide to ensure that our enforces of truth and justice are properly branded. I am in no way a DC guy, mind you, but the Heroes' Pantones were cool enough for a post. Granted all of their costumes' colors look like they were directly inspired by Soda Cans. I threw in style guides of Thanos and Colossus to make sure you all are aware of Marvel's superiority.


Deerhoof's Live album out NOW!!

The San Francisco trio has been labeled experimental rock, art pop, indie noise - you know the drill. I just think they're flippin amazing! I encourage you to head on over to DEERHOOFSEVIL and grab their just released live album, 99%Upset Feeling for.....drum roll.........FOR FREE!  At the time of downloading, I encourage you to not worry so much about the labels and sub genre red tape and just enjoy this extremely talented group!!!


Laughs. By Everyone. One of my favorite videos.

This is incredible. I love watching people laugh. Beautifully and tenderly done as well. Laughter is definitely good medicine.

LAUGHS! from Everynone on Vimeo.


BWillackers new Dubstep Mix!!! Its a Thursday Thumper???

I can recall ,in kindergarten, learning the days of the week. Everyday had its alliterative animal (friday froggy, tuesday turtle) and we'd sing a little song each morning according to the day to the tune of "the farmer in the dell (...hi-ho the dairy-o its monday monkey day)." Each day was pleased to be conjoined to one of God's creatures except poor Thursday. Think about it. What simple understandable animal would jive with the 'th' sound in Thursday?? My creative teachers decided to brand it not with an animals, but an adorable critter from cinema: THUMPER!!! Thursday Thumper day!!! Now thats problem solving! So considering we missed Bottom Heavy Humpday for this post, today's post could simply be Thursday Thumper day. Cool huh? Thanks Miss Moore and Griffith Elementary for your assistance in this post.

BWillackers is offering you a terrific thirty minutes of UK style dubstep. This aint yer beef-head cargo pants fist pumping style bro-step for this one. We's gots culture! With original tracks from trolley snatcha, eskmo and guttstar to remixes of sleigh bells, imogen heap, dizzee rascal this one growls!!  I've added quite a few sound bites from my favorite moments in television and cinema too!! From 'the office,' 'princess bride,' and 'anchorman.' you might wonder why? I found a super sweet sound bite library online and had a download fest one glorious afternoon. Enjoy, guys!!!

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sleigh bells _ tell 'em ( kingdom rmx )
dizzee rascal _ i luv you ( geroge lenton rmx )
guttstar _ to have and have not
imogen heap _ headlock ( cryptex rmx )
eskmo _ cloudlight
excision&DZ _ round 2
trolley Snatcha & the others _ break your neck
foreign office _ voices ( idlecreature rmx )


Holy Moly!!! Pase Rock rmxd by Shazam!

This is exactly why Shazam is one of my most favoritest producers in recent years.  I initially heard Shazam on a Breakbot mix ages ago and thought the track was one of those crate b-side nuggets Breakbot has such a knack at discovering.  When I found out 'Luckier' was released the year prior I immediately began a thorough stalking of this amazing groove laced producer. This Pase Rock remix galvanizes in a more comprehensive fashion all the reasons Shazam brings the party!! Enjoy!

NIGHTS (Shazam mix) by PASE ROCK
Grab it here.

Luckier by SHAZAM


Amazing illustrations and works by Lisa Congdon

I've been staring at her work since I saw her on BOOOOOOOM a handful of weeks ago. With colors and markings that have an endearing kinship to Brian Wildsmith's lush landscapes, Lisa offers subtlety and craftsmanship without compromising childlikeness. Beautiful work!


Circuitree Record's new compilation (must have)

Circuitree Records is releasing a new compilation, Universus Vol. II on Sept. 24th worldwide, and they were kind enough to allow us a first crack at it. This is the second installment of the Universus series, a four part compilation brought to you by Circuitree Records to highlight some of our favorite producers’ works. The series includes tracks from internationally recognized producers like Luke Vibert and Jimmy Edgar, Take, Caural, Dimlite, AK Kids (Akira Kiteshi), as well as Jacque Polynice, Kentsoundz, Sleepover, Panther God, and more.

From beginning to end, its completely addictive. Its care-free style hides the incredible level of intricacy heard in every track. Layered lazy beats, broken computer consoles, choirs dredged up from disco's yesteryear and synths broadcasting to us from somewhere in the future this compilation  keeps you on your toes and hoping there's bonus tracks. 

Circuitree has offered us a sample of the glory the Universus contains: AK KIDS (Akira Kiteshi) by Albino Egg. Its a big-gunner, dizzying beats, lasers and robots lost in the void of space. The feel of AK KIDS nuzzles itself comfortably between Daedelus, Machine Drum and Prefuse 73..you know, the good stuff.  Wicked huge!!!! 

The compilation also features heavyweights Luke Vibert and Jimmy Edgar, Panther God, and Miranda Rae amongst others! You can Pick up Universe II when it drops September 24th right here!!!!!