Supakitch and Koralie's mural!

Supakitch and Koralie create a breathtaking mural. The beauty is as much in the process than it is in the final product. I love that! This makes me want to paint right now!


Damien Marley dubstep. MURDAH!!!!!

This grinder has siezed my attention for the last few weeks. Not the newest kid on the block, but yowza, this one bangs!!! Damien Marley, Jamrock DUBSTEP STYLE!!!!


J.Rabbit rescues us from Eifel65

Dear Anybody,
In 1999 the Italian Electronic Dance trio of Eifel 65 released the unfortunate track "Blue (Da Ba Dee)." The world has suffered at the hand of this sad example of electronic dance and has weakened the digestive fortitude of many attempting to enjoy or even recognize electronic dance as a valid musical form. Could someone, anyone out there, transform this drivel into something palatable?? Please.

Dear BWillackers,
I'll do my best to make it banging.

*(J.Rabbit does not necessarily endorse the language in this letter, nor would necessarily use the term "banging." We here at BWillackers also cannot confirm nor deny the supposed love that J.Rabbit may or may not have for said BWillackers.)


Mondays done right, with Xinobi

Courtesy of WeAreSkitzo, comes a mini mix from one of my fave Dj's out there right now, Xinobi. His track selection is stellar and I can only imagine what the floor looks like when he's at it! Sink your teeth into this one- a floor jumper with the right amount of savoir-faire. Look him up and grab all of his originals and remixes. 
Xinobi - Mixtape Mondays v.26 by WeAreSkitzo


80 Kids new EP.

File under: tracks that make me smile. This is a shining example of what 80kids can do, and it keeps us moving and grinning. This is the type of track that forces us onto the dancefloor and we tear it up the way we do in the privacy of our living rooms.  Check it out and head over to iTunes and pick it up the album "Weekend Warrior," for more boogy opportunities.

80Kidz - Red Star by Mr. TMS

New Star Wars book out this month.

Vanity Fair has a small article on the ultra-awesome new coffee table book The Making of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back released this month.  Packed to the hilt with behind the scenes photographs and stories from the set. Understand, the book strictly gravitates around the initial three movies, New Hope to Return.  We don't speak of the other three movies. We merely keep them locked in the basement, periodically feeding them bread and valium only when Jar Jar starts crying. baby.

simply stunning


Dirty Vegas remixes Groove Armada

Wondered what Dirty Vegas was up to as of late. And guess what I stumbled across: A recent remix of Groove Armada's new one, History. Tastefully done, well crafted goodness.