Muppet Star Wars Figures - Why wasn't I notified!?!?!

The Corporate Giant of all things imagination, mice and wishing on stars has taken it upon themselves to produce, market and sell Muppet based Star Wars action figures. As far as I am aware, I am still without any of these in my possession, and the press release was from November. I remember that episode way back in 1980, and reruns of the same - the Muppets accompanied by much of the cast from Star Wars. I can't tell you how many times I watched that episode. I miss that show and most the movies (at least the one's in which Jim Henson was still involved). So much of my imagination was molded by the Muppets and Star Wars. Unfortunately, the figures can only be purchased at any Disney Themepark; but not if Ebay has anything to say about it!   Here's some fun facts correlating Star Wars with the Muppets.

Mighty Mouse remixes Nyteowl

Mighty Mouse's remixing career has been on a steady incline. His latest work, for Nyteowl’s “Love Of Mine,” is a bit larger than what we usually hear from M2. He's taken his signature disco groove to a grittier destination and is a much welcomed change.



Mad Decent head honcho Diplo and Dutch ‘dirty House’ originator (and DMP alumnus) Vato Gonzalez have just unleashed a club killer. “Rasclart Riddim” gets under your skin and keeps you itching. Insanely addictive, with cross-hairs aimed straight for the dancefloor. According to Diplo it’s for 'his DJ buddies.' 


Anbuley pushes African music into the Club's Future

 Anbuley’s second EP ‘Kemo′ Yoo Keke‘ is available now and has already been said to push African music into the future. Produced by Tipanic (Big’n'Hairy) this EP ignores continental as well as genre boundaries. The lyrics are entirely sung in Ga (language spoken mainly in the Accra area), the music is inspired by European dancefloors. This makes for an exciting Afro-European take on club music. Anbuley herself is based in Vienna, Austria but rooted in Ghana. Amazing work!

Nick Legan's Electro Mix 'Game of Chaos"

Quality Electro set


SBTRKT gets the Moombahton treatment w/ Essbeedee's Remix

Essbeedee, offers up his strong and unassuming remix of SBTRKT's 'Hold On.' Excellent work - Clean, simple, supplimented with a nice rumbly bassline. perfect.

Flosstradamus' New EP 'Total Recall' (fo free)

Chicago DJs, Flosstradamus, are presenting their new EP through Mad Decent, which you can download for free. An exquisite train wreck of trance-hop, tropical beats, bpm levels cranked to insanity and sweat drenched dance floors. Get your fix.