Active Child + Classixx = Slow Jam of the century

I cannot tell you how many times I've listened to this track. The original track comes to us via L.A.'s Pat Grossi, aka Active Child. A choir boy in his younger years, threads  a quilt of synths effortlessly interweaving his angelic voice amongst the patterns. Theres not a track of his I've heard yet that I do not like.  The "must see" at SXSW, in NME's top 20 new bands of 2010 and one of Pitchfork's rising artists. With the pile of accolades it makes sense for you guys to go check him out.
Now lets add Classixx to the mix of Active Child's "When Your Love is Safe."  I loved the original, but Classixx gives it the neo 80'sish-90'sish R&B slow jam treatment. These two groups create a mesmerizing combo!! I Can't get enough!!!! I'm sure you'll feel the same.


Desktop Wallpapers to blow yo mind

Kitsune Noir is a blog I've been religiously following for about a year now. Chocked full of design, art, music, food fashion and all of it as amazing as it comes and you should follow it as well! Everything itty bitty BWIllackers hopes to be.....sigh. Kitsune runs a desktop wallpaper project that spans the spectrum of international designers fore-fronting creative innovation. The most recent is a smashing integration of screen parameters and timelines in history.
 "For this weeks wallpaper though Pavel has created Wikipedia Desktop History, which in my opinion is a stroke of genius. He took the dimensions of the wallpapers, such as 1920 by 1200, and then found interesting tidbits of info that happened in the corresponding year."
How snazzy is that!?!  Go grab your corresponding screen dimensions and then waste a couple hours plus browsing the archives, and thank me later. KN is now a link here at the BLOGFACE!!!!


Tallest Man On Earth covers Paul Simon

I've never been to Graceland, and consequently struggle with Paul Simon's work post Simon&Garfunkle (minus that one track with that sweet Chevy Chase video).  Tallest Man On Earth old timey grit and sincerity, helps me within my struggles. I can now listen to "Graceland" with joy and ease. Join with me, on my "Learning to Love Paul Simon" quest.

Paul Simon_Graceland (Tallest Man On Earth Cover)

Diplo&Jayou take on the PartySquad

Hollertronix turns out a floor burner. Then if its not bad enough, Diplo and Jayou convert it into napalm!! Horrible metaphors, i know, just grab this ‘en up and it should suffice as an offering of penance for said literary transgressions.

The Partysquad_Murderer(Diplo&Jayou Remix)