Active Child + Classixx = Slow Jam of the century

I cannot tell you how many times I've listened to this track. The original track comes to us via L.A.'s Pat Grossi, aka Active Child. A choir boy in his younger years, threads  a quilt of synths effortlessly interweaving his angelic voice amongst the patterns. Theres not a track of his I've heard yet that I do not like.  The "must see" at SXSW, in NME's top 20 new bands of 2010 and one of Pitchfork's rising artists. With the pile of accolades it makes sense for you guys to go check him out.
Now lets add Classixx to the mix of Active Child's "When Your Love is Safe."  I loved the original, but Classixx gives it the neo 80'sish-90'sish R&B slow jam treatment. These two groups create a mesmerizing combo!! I Can't get enough!!!! I'm sure you'll feel the same.

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