Aeroplanes February Mix out now!!!

AEROPLANE'S February Mix just dropped. One of the best monthly events on the web. Thanks Aeroplane for the efforts and consistently raising the bar!

Aeroplane February 2011 Mix by Aeroplane (Official)


NEW BWILLACKERS MIX!! for these wintry days

I'm happy to offer my next mix in a growing collection of Djed goodness. Its been cold outside if you haven't noticed. Record levels of snow, blizzards, sub-zero climates have kept us inside burning last year's fashions in the fireplace and eating canned salmon over an open fire compiled of old chairs. While you all huddled in your new found latch-key lifestyles, take some time to allow this Wintry Mix to warm you up. 

set list:

Chiddy Bang_Dont Worry be Happy

Notorious BIG_Skys the Limit (Xaphoon Jones rmx)
Passion Pit_Little Secrets (Plus Move Rmx)
Pretty Lights_Let the World Hurry By
Gucci Mane_My Chain (Brotherhood Crusade Rmx)
The Qiwu Selftet_Narayama
Radiant Dragon_Preseli (Entrepeneurs Neuromancer Rmx)
Crystal Castles_Empathy
The Glitch Mob_Fistful of Silence (ESKMO Rmx)
The Glitch Mob_Between Two Points (Joggers Rmx)
Gang Colours_No Clear Reason
The XX_Shelter (Tiga Rmx)
The Project_Thoughts


Daft Punk does Coca-Cola Ads

i don't really know what to think about this.

HOLY TOLEDO! HOLY GHOST! here in CLT on Monday!

Yes is true. The Culture Initiative and Red Bull Assembly proudly presents:
Culturalism: featuring Holy Ghost! & Young Empires
$5 tix on sale now


WebSite Sunday: Dailysuperpower

If you ever felt Shooting Confetti from your eyes or the ability to inflict paper-cuts with your eyes would be valuable super powers to wield, then this site is for you!!  You realize Wolverine Origins would have fared better if they randomly threw in a few of the Super Heroes.  Couldn't have been any worse than what they did to Deadpool.


Speaking of Radiohead...

I've been waiting for this news ever since These Are My Twisted Words debuted on youtube. Radiohead is FINALLY releasing another full length album, which has been entitled The King of Limbs. According to The King of Limbs site, the digital download and newspaper album are available for pre-sale! Pre-sale digital downloads will be available saturday the 19th, and pre-sale newspaper albums will be shipped out on May 9th (Have no fear! The digital download is included with this package, so you can download it on the 9th and get the album in the mail in May!). Get it here!


Radiohead remixed by Refrature. HUGE!

You Radiohead purists can overlook this post, if you need. For the rest of us, enjoy this towering heap of power and grit - 'Everything in its Right Place' remixed by Refracture. Its a creeper, beginning startilngly identical to the original track, but then lurking in the shadows like a ninja-tiger....POUNCE!!!!
listen, download and enjoy. Just be ready to duck!!!

Radiohead_Everything in its Right Place (Refracture Remix)


Part & Parcel's first rate animation on trash

The incredibly talented crew over at Part&Parcel created this adorable (yes, I said 'adorable') animation, teaching us about trash and trash management for GOOD Magazine back in aught9. The information is handled well, so much better and way less propagated than 'the Story of Stuff.'

Trash transparency from Part & Parcel on Vimeo.


James Blake's gorgeous vid 'Wilhelm Scream'

James Blake - The Wilhelm Scream from Alexander Brown on Vimeo.

Not the biggest fan of James Blake, but this is definitely my fave JB song to date, and adore this video. Some of the simplest ideas can make the greatest impact. Spatial, exquisitely captured, mysterious and almost has a distant narrative quality to it. all so indicative to the song itself. Well done!

Consequently, for you nerds who have no idea what the 'Wilhelm Scream' is, I'd like the honor of enlightening you.

Fenech-Soler's new EP to drop in March

Fenech-Soler will be releasing their new EP in March!! These guys are at the top of their game, truly refining and giving greater standard to an ever growing electro-pop genre.  Maybe a little behind on the game, I first heard them through a massive Alex Metric remix of 'White Lies.' I posted one of F-S's remixes of Sunday Girl's self control (though had to be removed...ugh).  These guys have the midas touch, I have yet to hear something that does nothing less than turn the dancefloor gold!!

Fenech-Soler's house-infused, synth-fueled electro pop has recently earned Top 10 spots on UK dance and indie single charts, as well as a 'Next Big Thing' Award nomination from Q Magazine. 'Paper Romance,' the track they teamed with legendary London electronic duo Groove Armada, debuted on Zane Lowe's BBC 1 Radio Program last month and is quickly spreading across the web.  Now Warner's UK label B-Unique Records is set to bring the music stateside with an EP release this spring and new video release for their dizzying, hard-hitting pop single 'Demons'.  

Track List:
Stone Bridge
Demons (White Version) which, by the way is a gloriously spacious traverse across a bright analog landscape.


Free Charlotte Party for you Bassheads!!!!

Charlotteans, North Carolineans and the like:  Friday, Feb 11th   
Sugar Society & Neighborhood Theatre present... A new party series featuring bass heavy house music called...RAGE!! Performances from Your Dirty Habit, Wobble Factory plus many more and its 100% No Strings Attached FREE Event! Large venue with an extra-large sound. Well worth it!!

9:00-10:30 - Glojin
10:30-11:30 - Slurp & Slink-E
11:30-12:15 - Slash Beats
12:15-01:15 - Your Dirty Habit
01:15-02:15 - Wobble Factory



For those of you hankerin' to either start producing music of the electronic type or expand your remixing capabilities; forget watching that one episode of the Office that you've had on loop for the last week and take the next thirty minutes of your life and watch this. BBC Music Showcase delivers a video workshop type thingie featuring Kissie Sellout, Annie Mac and Jack Beats discussing the overall ideas to the deep inner workings of the remix. This half hour is crammed full of great information, tips, advice and an opportunity to glean from some of the best in the biz. Well worth the time. Dwight Schrute would agree.



Johnny Kelly's Astounding animation about Procrastinatoin

Excellent visual work by animator Johnny Kelly. As poster child for Right-brainers and a recovering procrasinator, I can completely attest to the content of this work. May it dazzle your eyes, and minister to your heart.

Procrastination from Johnny Kelly on Vimeo.


Colleen Jordan's Jewelry Planters!

These cute little planters stuck on me the second I laid eyes on 'em. Pendant terrariums are flippin' fan-TASTIC as is, but these little buggers just seem more aesthetically pleasing. The Wearable Planters' leafy fringe that pops out of the top really gives the clean-cut container some life, and I REALLY dig that you can put your own plants in these. You can find these babies at her etsy store.


Troy Emery: Arts&Crafts Gone Wild

If you have figured out anything pertaining to the depth of dementia found deep in the chasms of my psyche, you'd say "...craft pom-poms, arranged and glued to create wild animals? Yeah, BWillackers would go ape-*$%# over this stuff." You'd be correct!!!! Troy Emery's work straddles the lines of the absurd and contemplative with great ease. Interesting commentary on nature's intersection with humankind and our relationships with the wild. Plus, the pom-pom monkey is super awesome!!!

Bag Raiders and the perfect track

You know those evenings, like a marker in your memory of times not quickly surpassed or forgotten; where everything was perfect? It's not as if you strained to make them perfect, but the best that life could have offered decided to do just that, without restraint. Your friends, the conversation, the weather, the smell of the air, the meals supplemented with hefty amounts of laughter and everything was simply perfect. And as the evening quickly tapers off like the tide, the dance floor offers your final crescendo - a marker in your memory forever highlighting the night.  Bag Raiders' 'Sunlight' moves into the mix and sets the soundtrack for times to remember.

Bag Raiders provides us with the playlist to these specific evenings. 'Sunlight' is everything the dancefloor needs in a peak time track. Joyous and full of life but without tipping the sugar barrel and over-sweetening the track. 'Sunlight' is the one-two punch from BR, the second single from their latest album,  off the heels of another classic 'Shooting Star.' Man oh man, I cannot get over how amazing these guys are.  Their self titled album is now available on iTUNES for all of us, Stateside. Every track is a gem, and I strongly suggest it!!

Download it here, FO FREE, courtesy of RCRD LBL!!!!!


Aeroplanes mixes are killing me!!

Aeroplane's January Mix and they start the set off with BWillackers' fave Darwin Deez!!!!! Remember, they post a mix monthly so have a fist-full of megabytes handy monthly for their sweet mixed goodness. And they get better every month!! Quite the prolific crew, huh?

Aeroplane January 2011 Mix by Aeroplane (Official)

Font based Mustache chart

Thanks to Wit+Delight for the incredible font-based mustache chart. 
Font nerds and facial hair enthusiasts alike, rejoice!!