Bag Raiders and the perfect track

You know those evenings, like a marker in your memory of times not quickly surpassed or forgotten; where everything was perfect? It's not as if you strained to make them perfect, but the best that life could have offered decided to do just that, without restraint. Your friends, the conversation, the weather, the smell of the air, the meals supplemented with hefty amounts of laughter and everything was simply perfect. And as the evening quickly tapers off like the tide, the dance floor offers your final crescendo - a marker in your memory forever highlighting the night.  Bag Raiders' 'Sunlight' moves into the mix and sets the soundtrack for times to remember.

Bag Raiders provides us with the playlist to these specific evenings. 'Sunlight' is everything the dancefloor needs in a peak time track. Joyous and full of life but without tipping the sugar barrel and over-sweetening the track. 'Sunlight' is the one-two punch from BR, the second single from their latest album,  off the heels of another classic 'Shooting Star.' Man oh man, I cannot get over how amazing these guys are.  Their self titled album is now available on iTUNES for all of us, Stateside. Every track is a gem, and I strongly suggest it!!

Download it here, FO FREE, courtesy of RCRD LBL!!!!!

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