a DUBSTEP MIX in celebration of the BLOGFACE'S BDAY!!!

This weeks installment of BOTTOMHEAVYHUMPDAY is a bit of treat. I have compiled a mix of the latest remixed dubstep jams. word? A pleasant 27 minute romp through everything from La Roux, Bob Marley, Owl City, Sleigh Bells, Passion Pit etc. Remixed by the insanity of artists such as Trillbass, Skrillex, Mimosa and Bassnectar. Understand however that BWillackers aint no Dubstep Dj, rest assured its tasty nonetheless. I guarantee it.

This comes as a gift to all you followers, subscribers and lurkers of the BLOGFACE. Why? BWillackers BLOGFACE is turning one year old!!! I've committed to something for over a year! That IS something to celebrate!!! Expect more treats in the close future! Download it, listen to it, share it, link it, tweet it, zip it, send it (all the other verbs Daft Punk tells us to do in Technologic).


bwillackers and the bottom heavy humpday review (mediafire link)

Passion Pit_Sleepyhead (DYM Dubstep Rmx)
Owl City_Fireflies (Etubbs&Trillbass Rmx)
Sleigh Bells_Run the Heart (Bassnectar Rmx)
Bob Marley_Is this Love (Logik Rmx)
Yael Nahim_Toxic (Britney Spears Cover) (16-Bit Rmx)
Imogean Heap_Hide and Seek (Mt Eden Rmx)
Nneka_Heartbeat (Chase&Status Rmx)
Dirty Vegas_Days Go By (Mimosa Rmx)
Nelly Fortado_Magical World (Bassnectar Rmx)
La Roux_In for the Kill (Skrillex Rmx)



Wowsers! Apologies on the tardiness of the post. This installment is in commemoration of Bassnectar's visit to our fair city. Thursday night he brought his wrecking-ball of bass to the rafters of the Neighborhood Theater. Minimal AC on a 90 degree evening, 1400 screaming bassheads and chest rattling low-end. What can i say, twas a great evening.

Here's a great remix, has definitely been around for a hot minute, but still great. Bassnectar remixes the Pixie's alt classic "Where is my mind." Let it rattle!!!

the Pixies_Where is my Mind (Bassnectar Remix)


Dubstep remix from our favorite car commercial

You probably remember the original track from a car commercial, circa 2003. It went like so: a Mitsubishi packed with smartly dressed and ethnically diverse club kids drives through highly illuminated metropolitan streets. The track banging through our television speakers while the star of the advert, a young and talented club darling, pops-and-locks in the passenger seat.  The track made it big for about five days, Mitsubishi Eclipse sales increased by a half of a percent, and the general populous of young America still insisted on purchasing Linkin Park. Electronic music in America has about as much difficulty breaking into the mainstream market as water polo does.

Here's BWillackers offering for BOTTOM HEAVY HUMPDAY. A sweet version of Dirty Vegas' "Days go by," remixed by Mimosa - dubstep style FOOLS!!


Great sculptures. Stuffed animals eating animals.

As many of you may or may not know, my art in the recent years has gravitated towards the subject matter of the animal kingdom. Not just cute animals, but more so narrowed in to the ferocity of predators and the more unpleasant habits of those higher on the food chain. 
In that note, please check out the beautiful irony of Jennifer Muskopf's haunting animal sculptures. Her animals, though like stuffed toys, display all the unapologetic tenacity for survival as any real creature (hunting, feeding young, reproducing, giving birth). I love these. She also has an incredible collection of paintings (think, Chirico meets Grandma Moses). If you can't stomach her flesh eating tigers, her creation story telling cockroaches or deep sea creatures, they have a store with the "cuter" side of the craft here.



Every Wednesday, we'll be featuring another track and/or artists who generally gravitates around the low end side of things.  Those guys bent on finding out how good your speakers are - wobble, dubstep, jack beats, whatevs. If it shakes, you'll find it here!!

Today we feature an odd cut from Yael Naim.  Residing in Paris France, via Israel, you may remember her song "New Soul" on the Mac Air adverts.  However, here she's giving Britney Spears' "Toxic" a smooth and sultry do-over. Then, 16-Bit gets a hold of it and wrecks the whole thing with his gritty low end dubstep tendencies.