Great sculptures. Stuffed animals eating animals.

As many of you may or may not know, my art in the recent years has gravitated towards the subject matter of the animal kingdom. Not just cute animals, but more so narrowed in to the ferocity of predators and the more unpleasant habits of those higher on the food chain. 
In that note, please check out the beautiful irony of Jennifer Muskopf's haunting animal sculptures. Her animals, though like stuffed toys, display all the unapologetic tenacity for survival as any real creature (hunting, feeding young, reproducing, giving birth). I love these. She also has an incredible collection of paintings (think, Chirico meets Grandma Moses). If you can't stomach her flesh eating tigers, her creation story telling cockroaches or deep sea creatures, they have a store with the "cuter" side of the craft here.

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