Julian Callos

From Los Angeles, Julian Callos is an illustrator and fine artist.  His color palette is subtle and mature with strategic crescendos of vibrancy.  Atmospheric and textural backgrounds, combined with his wirey and whimsical figures are blowing my mind.  Peruse through his portfolio, and check him out on his blog. 
Be inspired!
Julian Callos Portfolio
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BWillackers Bringing the Party

So this weekend marks the beginning of the nation's party season. From times of pumpkin carving, turkey eatin' to paying exorbitant fees for trees that die a couple weeks later on the curb (that's logic), it is definitely time for the gatherings. I've concocted a mix for the peak time of any shin-dig! This isn't art, this is a banger! Turn it up and move the couch away!!

Bwillackers Tracklist:
01 Justin Timberlake_Love Stoned (justice remix)
02Rhianna_Please Dont Stop the Music(LAZRtag remix)
03Kylie Minogue_N (Bass III Euro remix)
04Kanye West_Stronger (A-trak remix)
05Ghost Town Dj's_My Boo (The American Dream Team remix)
06 Black Kids_I'm not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you(the twelves remix)
07M.I.A._Boyz (the twelves remix)
08 Kings of Leon_She's at my Party (Chad Hugo & Kenna Remix)
09 Blaqstarr_shake it
10Fergie_glamourous (treasuer fingers remix)
11 Timbaland_miscommunication (bloody beetroots remix)
12Rhianna_umberella (Vandalism remix)
13Feist_1234 (VanShe Tech remix)
14MGMT_kids (soulwax remix)



Phoenix Phest

So there is now available to all of you blogging music loving hipsters a Phoenix Remix Album, only available digitally. Before you rush to your iTUNES to purchase, give me a moment to heed your haste. The album does not take the play order of the original W.A.P. album, considering there are no remixes of quite of few of the band's tastiest licks and elevendy-billion of Fences and Lisztomania.  It’s a challenge to remix a Phoenix track and make it either better or more intriguing.  That being said, the majority of the album never reaches to even the base ranks of either better or intriguing.  The Friendly Fires and Passion Pit remixes I most specifically hold in contempt.  There are only slight glimmers of goodness from Alex Metric, who can turn goose poop into gold as far as I'm concerned, and Devendra Banhart's haunting re-do of Rome; whom you've already heard on BWILLACKERS. Well, you can't win all the time. As far as I'm concerned, one of the best Phoenix remixes I’ve heard comes from the duo of Classixx, and this bad boy wasn't even on the album! Download this'en and save your iTUNES money for Chromeo's new one!

Lisztomania (Classixx Version)

The remix album may not have brought me much joy, but this Phoenix/80's mashup sher does!

just add Duck Sauce

Now this is it! The legendary Armand Van Helden and the prodigy A-Trak have joined forces to fight the forces of boring music and beige backgrounds.  Together they've formed Duck Sauce!!
This is the video for their first single "aNYway." This track is a guaranteed good time and an intelligent stab at bringing back disco for the kids who'd never think twice about the genre. The video is nothing but awesome kicking it back to the times of the Ed Sullivan Show, Saturday Night Special and American Bandstand, when musicians were showcased without lipsynced vocal tracks.  Download the original track from the 70's crew Final Edition where the sample stem originated.  If anything, you hipsters could use a little disco in your playlist to reinforce your cultured status.

Final Edition_Anyway you want it


Hand Drawn Flightpattern

Flightpattern from Gwen Vanhee on Vimeo.
Flightpattern by Gwen Vanhee is a hand drawn (repeat HAND DRAWN) audio responsive video exploration made with Adobe Flash ( action Script ).  Any gamers out there know where the soundtrack comes from?!?!



This guy is officially blowing my mind! Erik Hassle is an up and coming singer from sweden who is about to support little boots on her uk tour from next week on.  His voice- diverse, crisp, defined and powerful, reminding me again of Frankmuzik. His lyrics are catchy and supplimented by the remixing genius of Penguin Prison this track is a must for your weekend plans.  Pay Erik a visit, and put this one on repeat!

Erik Hassle_Hurtful (Penguin Prison)



Inspired from recent sets in Charlotte and Atlanta and conjoined with parts of a previous set done in Greenville NC Here is HRVST TIME!!! If you were at the Harvestfest or in Atlanta recently you've heard much of whats in here now! Split into two parts, the first is an extended intro of downtempo, instrumental hip-hop and ambient to set the scene (the calm before the storm).  The second is a floor melting house set of crunching electro-madness, declaration and peak-time floor power.  Download both and please pass this on to as many who wants it!



This guy is one of my most favoritest producers/remixers.  Hailing from that great French Mothership in Paris he's been the alchemist to keep your eyes on - making pure gold with every track. These three are a few which i keep close and frquent countless mixes and playlists of mine.  Hope you love them as much as me. 

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I can't tell you whyyyyyyyyyy!

Chromeo (the only functioning Arab/Jew partnership in known history) has been working on a new album in recent months,and has now put out a mix (yes, they're behind the decks on this one) on K7! Records.  If you're not yet familiar with this Montreal electro-funk duo, get on it! Begin here with this amazing cover of the Eagle's (yes the Eagles) classic "I Can't Tell You Why." Go to the "free mp3" button and enjoy.  ALSO, their web site (linked above) has their new single "Night by Night" for download as well!! IN ADDITION, did I mention they make some mad chemistry in the remix lab???  These are some of my favorite remixes as of late from these two menaces! I'm sure you recognize Feist and Treasure Fingers per chance?

CROSS THE DANCEFLOOR (chromeo remix)

oh yeah, they frequent Yo Gabba Gabba too! How cool is that? Super cool!


Bon-Iver remix. Beautiful.

Yes, you heard me correctly: a Bon-freaking-Iver remix. It does happen, sometimes.  I am fully aware that there are some purists who still aren't convinced that electronic music is a valid musical art form.  And G_d forbid you combine the divinely inspired medium of Rock-and-Roll with an abominable human/android/casio love-child like electronic music together!  Aren't there Biblical laws about the pure coming in contact with the unclean?  To those who do agree with this musical protest, I have three consoling points of  for you. Let these comfort your heart and let the healing begin!
1. Music is so much more vast in comparison to your diminutive mind
2. I am sorry that life is miserable for you
3. Valium works

For the rest of you out there who actually enjoy life, sink in to this thick quiet beauty.

I freakin miss this place

This is about the time i really start missing France.  I never thought I would be that type of bleeding-heart hipster (self proclaimed hipster) pining for the cafe's, cobble stone streets and natives with expressions that make them seem as if they were sucking on lemons. Nonetheless, I sincerely miss the place.  This track is an anthem to this time of longing.  Aeroplane's remix of a soon-to-be classic Friendly Fires track: Paris.  The vocals have been replaced with the soft and simple sounds of Brooklyn band Au Revoir Simone. Bon Appetit!

Friendly Fires ft. Au Revoir Simone - Paris (Aeroplane Remix)




Gratuitous Eye-Candy

The Halloween season is upon us.  I would like to take this moment, get a jump on the rest of the candy-grubbers and let you in on where the good houses are. I am quite aware that this may be old news for some, but a few of you are new to the neighborhood and I'm assuming you want to be in the know.  This video is from a smashing Electro duo from Brooklyn, NYC:  KAP10KURT.  The music video has been directed by The Holograms and produced at Mathematic Studio. Love the track, especially love the video. Take note of these names.  I told you I'd give you the low-down on the good stuff.  Gratuitous eye-candy? Indeed, and I'm going back for seconds. Please explore their sites, and become extremely inspired....cavities and all.

The new AIR video from Mathematics
Sing Sang Sung / Air from Moon on Vimeo.

La Roux - Bullettproof again, from Mathematics

LA ROUX 'BULLETPROOF' from soyo on Vimeo.


Mega Church Project. Feast Your Eyes.

On his site, find his "projects" link and make your way to his Mega Churches page. Here you will find the surreal world of the over-sized and visually out of touch.  Its amazing how these mega-microcosms create their own hierarchical systems of culture, politics and religion (their own regional concoction). To those that worship here consistently, they have no cwalms with the quirkiness and visually inept interiors they move through week by week.  To the outsider, and more specifically the unbeliever, the spaces become less like a place of community and more like alien fortresses extracted straight from Salvador Dali's work (minus the artistic prowess and skills in color coordination).


Holy Ghost!

Fully aware that this was a summer release, but I can't get enough of these guys. The DFA Label golden duo, Holy Ghost!, hit the target with this midtempo gem. Watch the video (suppliemented by a few sweet select cameo's) and enjoy the original. Then download Classixx's (you'll learn more about these legendary gentlemen later) remix.  That track sang me through the summer, and definitely isn't done yet. enjoy.

Holy Ghost! - I Will Come Back (Classixx Acapulco Nights Version).mp3

JeongMee Yoon's Pink and Blue. A must see photo study!

"The Pink and Blue Project" by Photographer JeongMee Yoon, is an exploration of color within gender.
"This project explores the trends in cultural preferences and the differences in the tastes of children (and their parents) from diverse cultures, ethnic groups as well as gender socialization and identity. The work also raises other issues, such as the relationship between gender and consumerism, urbanization, the globalization of consumerism and the new capitalism." -the Artist
The tradition of donning boys in blue and girls in pink was at one time flipped. Yes, boys were in pink and visa-versa.  Debates on where this tradition started and why are ongoing, but scientists are finding more and more reason psychologically to prove that boys gravitate towards blue and girls pink based on their chemical make up. Strange as that seems, and almost laughable, science always finds a way to ruin our fun.
If we venture beyond the thesis itself, which is by all means fascinating and if you're anything like me (abbrasive, loud, awkward maybe) the sheer volume of coordinated stuff (in JeongMee's work) is mindblowing. Ladies, to answer the question: Yes, you CAN have too much pink.  Oi vay.


the Twelves, suckas

The Brazilian Super Duo is back with a bevy of remixes ya mama hadn't heard yet, while venturing deep in the crates to find some older deeper cuts.  I was first introduced to these two via their remixing muscle and have been mostly hanging on to their mixes - consistent, thoughtful, seamless and fun (always fun). I think these guys have a tenure contract to bring the party.

you'll need this one as well:

30 minutes of the Twelves


Did we not see this coming......VOLTRON!!!!!!

Here's another drop into the imploding blackness of Hollywood's abysmal lack of creativity. Voltron is now the next exhumed carcass in Hollywood's ongoing prayer vigil for the ancient bodies of old to be resurrected. I can't say that I'm not in the least excited; I get giddy when I think of Tron Legacy (mostly b/c of the mega-sweet new light bikes, and Daft Punk's opus of a soundtrack) and Transformers (the first one) was pleasantly entertaining. I just hope they keep the tone's of anime kitsce that the Votron series was continually emersed in. I cringe at thoughts of our homogenized lion-man-robot becoming the next impotent "G.I. Joe" flop. My adolescent afternoon cartoon memories deserve better. And we all light a candle in prayer for Thundercats to be next in line for new life. btw make youself familiar with the Thundercats link: www.Retrojunk.com Ancient glory.