JeongMee Yoon's Pink and Blue. A must see photo study!

"The Pink and Blue Project" by Photographer JeongMee Yoon, is an exploration of color within gender.
"This project explores the trends in cultural preferences and the differences in the tastes of children (and their parents) from diverse cultures, ethnic groups as well as gender socialization and identity. The work also raises other issues, such as the relationship between gender and consumerism, urbanization, the globalization of consumerism and the new capitalism." -the Artist
The tradition of donning boys in blue and girls in pink was at one time flipped. Yes, boys were in pink and visa-versa.  Debates on where this tradition started and why are ongoing, but scientists are finding more and more reason psychologically to prove that boys gravitate towards blue and girls pink based on their chemical make up. Strange as that seems, and almost laughable, science always finds a way to ruin our fun.
If we venture beyond the thesis itself, which is by all means fascinating and if you're anything like me (abbrasive, loud, awkward maybe) the sheer volume of coordinated stuff (in JeongMee's work) is mindblowing. Ladies, to answer the question: Yes, you CAN have too much pink.  Oi vay.

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  1. that is crazy it is overwhelming amount of pink things in the picture it is really creepy

    i just read an article that relates to this i will throw up a link


    kind of off topic but my favorite line from it "More recently, the gender bias showed up in the 1990s when Mattel introduced a Barbie doll that said, 'Math is hard.'"