Gratuitous Eye-Candy

The Halloween season is upon us.  I would like to take this moment, get a jump on the rest of the candy-grubbers and let you in on where the good houses are. I am quite aware that this may be old news for some, but a few of you are new to the neighborhood and I'm assuming you want to be in the know.  This video is from a smashing Electro duo from Brooklyn, NYC:  KAP10KURT.  The music video has been directed by The Holograms and produced at Mathematic Studio. Love the track, especially love the video. Take note of these names.  I told you I'd give you the low-down on the good stuff.  Gratuitous eye-candy? Indeed, and I'm going back for seconds. Please explore their sites, and become extremely inspired....cavities and all.

The new AIR video from Mathematics
Sing Sang Sung / Air from Moon on Vimeo.

La Roux - Bullettproof again, from Mathematics

LA ROUX 'BULLETPROOF' from soyo on Vimeo.

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