Bon-Iver remix. Beautiful.

Yes, you heard me correctly: a Bon-freaking-Iver remix. It does happen, sometimes.  I am fully aware that there are some purists who still aren't convinced that electronic music is a valid musical art form.  And G_d forbid you combine the divinely inspired medium of Rock-and-Roll with an abominable human/android/casio love-child like electronic music together!  Aren't there Biblical laws about the pure coming in contact with the unclean?  To those who do agree with this musical protest, I have three consoling points of  for you. Let these comfort your heart and let the healing begin!
1. Music is so much more vast in comparison to your diminutive mind
2. I am sorry that life is miserable for you
3. Valium works

For the rest of you out there who actually enjoy life, sink in to this thick quiet beauty.

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