I can't tell you whyyyyyyyyyy!

Chromeo (the only functioning Arab/Jew partnership in known history) has been working on a new album in recent months,and has now put out a mix (yes, they're behind the decks on this one) on K7! Records.  If you're not yet familiar with this Montreal electro-funk duo, get on it! Begin here with this amazing cover of the Eagle's (yes the Eagles) classic "I Can't Tell You Why." Go to the "free mp3" button and enjoy.  ALSO, their web site (linked above) has their new single "Night by Night" for download as well!! IN ADDITION, did I mention they make some mad chemistry in the remix lab???  These are some of my favorite remixes as of late from these two menaces! I'm sure you recognize Feist and Treasure Fingers per chance?

CROSS THE DANCEFLOOR (chromeo remix)

oh yeah, they frequent Yo Gabba Gabba too! How cool is that? Super cool!

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