Perseus free EP. 90's throwback sounds for the contemporary aficionado

Perseus does great work, and was hooked the moment I first heard 'Cool Runnings.'  Deeply rooted influences of 90's pop and R&B, supplemented with the standards of EDM specs for dancefloor preparedness.  Download Perseus' EP 'Russian Girls' now and jam on it!  Consequently, 'Cool Runnings' made into my most recent radio show 'Social Studies' on Plaza Midwood Community Radio (4pm Fridays).  Best radio station in Charlotte!!


I fell in love with this track in the summer, before i knew the total splendor of the Perseus team!!

  Jeremy Glenn - New Life (Perseus 'Summer of 83' Remix) by PERSEUS

Amazing Ad Campaign for horrible drivers

From our friends in Australia, to promote safer driving on back roads.  Terrific types style, images, poignant message to all those whom may very well drive like said 'roosters' (yes, i am aware we're not exactly talking roosters).  Can we get this campaign in Charlotte as well, please?!


Why did I NOT get this for Cmas!?!?

Give BWillackers, ALL the good gifts!

Rihanna's 'We Found Love' Star Slinger Remix

A guilty pleasure post here. But at least for us, Star Slinger provides a well needed 
helping of low end mid-tempo goodness. Check out the rest of Star Slinger's work here as well.
The kids will love it!

Rihanna - We Found Love (Star Slinger Refix) by Star Slinger

Art of the Title finally covers MST3K

One of the best shows ever! Enjoy the awesome title sequence with its all too catchy theme song!
 There's a great interview with Joel Hodgson here to boot! 

See it in all its glory here, at Art of the Title


Chilly Gonzales – You Can Dance (Robotaki Remix)

Wowzers. Chilly Gonzales' super-fun pastoral invitation to move, in his glory track 'You Can Dance' has just been given a +50 firepower upgrade with Robotaki's remix of wonderment. I love this song. Go buy, its the best dollar you'll ever spend (this and a McD's sweet tea is a grand investment as well).

Chilly Gonzales - You Can Dance (Robotaki Remix) by Robotaki


Lenno Remixes the Wombats' '1996'

What an great track. Lenno, remixes the boys from Liverpool. This track is about as wide open all-out smiles and dancing as a remix can get. Lenno right now can do no wrong, and is imperative you check out everything Lenno right about now (right after you download this track, of course)!
The Wombats - 1996 (Lenno Remix) by Lenno


Madi Diaz – Trust Fall (Jensen Sportag Remix)

Mesmerizing work from Jensen Sportag.  Trust Fall is an exquisite example of painting dreamy landscapes without the sap.  It's a refined mature sound, however maintaining a newer sleek edge continuing in the early 90's pop reflip we've been seeing lately. This is the type of thing i get lost in. Diaz sincere, airy vocals and Sportag’s casual yet intricate dance appeal has created something unique and wonderful. Download now!

Madi Diaz - Trust Fall (Down We Go Remix by Jensen Sportag) by Jensen Sportag


Oxford's track 'Teinto'

Wowee, the French producer Oxford has been on his 'A' game as of late.  Just when I can't get enough of this track - saxophone solo!!!! Onward and upward for this guy!!

Download Oxford Teinto


Plastic Plates and Tommie Sunshine remix Katy Perry

I understand that pop and the word 'quality' are usually mutually exclusive. Any levels of breakthrough in this era of Radio prepped preselected hits, generally comes in advancements of production.
Enter the EDM producers! Yes, remixes of each pop smash are as numerous as the stars in the Northern Hemisphere, however in this case, we have two fantastic exceptions to the rule of monotony! Today, Katy Perry's teenie bopper lament 'The One That Got Away' gets remixed. Paper Plates can do no wrong, creating a gorgeous platinum mid tempo house cruiser. The instrumental is just as awesome.

  Katy Perry - The One That Got Away (Plastic Plates Remix) by PLASTiC PLATES

Tommie Sunshine takes another approach - with vocoded and chopped vox, reverb saturated buildups, grinding bass lines transforming the track into a peak party floor stomper.

Katy Perry - The One That Got Away [Tommie Sunshine And Disco Fries Mixes] by tommiesunshine


Bro Safari ushers in the Wknd w/ Moombahton madness

Got you guys some grimy love from Bro Safari. You may also know him as 1/3 of Evol Intent or 1/2 of Ludachrist. They recently went in on a single w/ Sluggo on Play Me Too Records' (a sub-imprint of Reid Speed‘s Play Me Records) I offer you two massive tracks and one of their mixes,  a live set recorded in Cleveland. Huge compressed wobbles, hip-hop vocals, low ended saw wave bass grindage, essplosions of sound.  All three well worth the menial time it takes to download.
*language warning on the mix, for those that dont appreciate potty-mouthed mc's

Bro Safari - Uncrushable [Free Download] by BRO SAFARI

Bro Safari ft. Mighty High Coup - Boombahton [Free Download] by BRO SAFARI

Bro Safari - Cleveland Mix - December 11 2010 by BRO SAFARI


Skrillex live set on BBC 1

You all know I'm not the biggest Skrillex fan, nonetheless I can definitely appreciate and understand the deluge of youngsters pouring over at his live shows and downloading his discography via undisclosed torrents (like a true fan).  I've noticed that Skrillex and a handful of dubstep producers have become a 'gateway drug' of sorts, giving kids their first sampling of electronic music. At least kid's initial exposure to electronic tunes is no longer car commercials supplemented with pop-n-lockin ladies riding shotgun in Mitsubishi's.  Here's a Skrillex 20 minutes long mini mix for Zane Lowe on BBC’s Radio 1 // thanks to thissongissick.com for the initial post.  Dude-Bros and Sorority Sisters aside, this guy definitely bangs. 

Skrillex - BBC Radio One Mix by Thissongissick.com

Gift of the Day: Give your loved one the gift of Mad Cow

stem cell

mad cow


Everday this month (minus the few days I've already missed), I will be presenting a gift idea to you guys. Something that shows you care!

Today's Gift for the Ages: From the geniuses at ThinkGeek.com comes a cornicopia of germs, bacteria, viruses and other aassorted microbials. Everything from the Plague (member, that one killt off most of that place cross the ocean), stem cells, herpes (funny and gross at the same time), ecoli, black mold, food poisoning....you get it.  Great stuff at a decent price. Say it with Microbes!


Gaming is good fer ya!! TED speaker Gabe Zichermann shows us why!

Incredible insight on the expanding world of gaming and how it is positively affecting our kids. Whodaknew?!?


Holy Moly! Kris Menace remixes the snot out of PNAU!! Blown Away!

PNAU has been on my radar ever since Breakbot's classic remix of their track 'Baby.' I am blown away by this huge but subtle remix by Kris Menace. Its entirely engulfing, forcing a reaction - i have to move, i have to smile and i wanna even sing along but dang it i'm gonna have to look up the lyrics to do that express desire. This coming on the heels of the recent Goldroom remix post, this Kris Menace remix is most definitely making it to my best remix list of 2011!  Download it now, if you know whats good for you!!!!!

Download PNAU Unite Us (Kris Menace Remix)

Here's aforementioned Breakbot remix of PNAU's 'Baby.' A definite classic.

Download PNAU Baby Breakbot Remix


Reset! Remixes Phoenix's 'if i ever feel better'

I am fully aware that the amount of Phoenix remixes out there most likely equates to the population of a small European nation. However, there are most definitely a few rare diamonds amongst the seas of remix mediocrity. Reset! provides us with evidence of such claims, with their remix of 'If i Ever Feel Better.' This track is about as club ready as they get, and I love the surprise drop a third of the way through. From that point its banging till the fade.

  Phoenix - If I Ever Feel Better (RESET! bootleg remix) by RESET!


Bobby C Sound TV brings us the breaks ( john lee hooker rmx )

These are alot of fun. Brought to you by Bobby C Sound TV, for all the way up in Denver way.  A little bass to get you over yo humpday! You're welcome! A great short and sweet re-do of a John Lee Hooker blues classic popularized by the Blue Brothers! He made a snazzy video for the track as well, check it out here!!!


Niki & The Dove / Goldroom Remix

Goldroom's remix of Niki & The Dove's 'Mother Protect' is exquisite and most definitely filing itself high up in my list of 2011 best remixes. Goldroom always adds something very special to each of their remixes. The original is as charming and personal as it is distantly haunting. However, Legg lifts Dahlström’s vocals with almost anthem-like piano riff creating such a bright simple sound. This is perfection. 

Niki & The Dove - Mother Protect (Goldroom Remix) by Goldroom

This deserves a post of it's own, but here it is nonetheless!

  Gigamesh - Red Light (Goldroom Remix) by Goldroom


Pat Lok's must have debut EP

Oh yes! Pat Lok's defending the notion that Vancouver, Canada's got the goods.  He’s just dropped his first ep, ‘No Shame‘ on the On The Fruit Label.  'No Shame' is a fun yet tightly produced romp through the joys of funk and dancin'. The OH YEAH remix, is my 'go to' track on this release -  exhilarating and weightless, just like a peak-time party should be.

Pat Lok - "No Shame" - Support: Ministry of Sound, The C90s, Plastic Plates, Xinobi by Pat Lok


Site Sunday: DRINKIFY - choice beverages, for choice music listn'in

This ones only for the 'of-age' crowd. Wanna know what beverage would compliment your musical selections the best? You've come to the right place.


Buy an Awesome Watch. Help an Awesome Kid! #Rwanda

This is Samuel. He lives in Rwanda.
 BWillackers has started a support team to make sure that he is clothed, 
fed and educated for the whole of 2012. I wanted to extend this to all you guys.
The way you can help is about as awesome as it gets!!!!

Buy one of these snazzy watches!! Thats it, really. You get a watch, and Samuel gets what 
he needs ensure he has every damn chance he can for a full and happy life!!

Go to HELLO SOMEBODY and click on the 'watches' section on the right. 
Make sure to put  'Samuel Hakizimana' in the notes section
 to ensure that yo support gets to our boy!! 
Browse the site. See all the awesome things 'Hello Somebody' is doing!


Donaghy vs. Swanson. Fight of the Ages.

My money's on Swanson.  I couldn't find the creator of this magnificent poster. 
If anyone knows, do tell so credit is given where it is so richly deserved.


Codes Remixes Major Lazer & Harry Belafonte. Its a win win.

Cody Murray (this would be the aforementioned 'Codes') has been tearing, up dance halls in is home terf of Brooklyn for quite a spell.  Now his infectious sounds have been spreading across the country at cataclysmic rates. Showing up in recent form as a Remix for Major Lazer's 'Original Don.' Also enjoy the added bonus of Codes' moombahton reworking of Harry Belafonte's 'Jump in the Line.' You'll remember this track as the grand finale of Tim Burton's Opus 'Beetlejuice' when a young Winona Ryder in all her adolescent Goth glory levitated ten or so feet above the floor and sang this song whilst under the endearing demonic influence of her adorable poltergeist buddy Beetlejuice. Fun fun fun!!

Major Lazer & The Partysquad - Original Don (Codes Dubplate Remix) by CODESHOUSE

Harry Belafonte - Jump In The Line (Codes Moombah Remix) by CODESHOUSE



New Dork City Nights, Next Friday + Downloads!!!

If you're in the Charlotte area, planning on being or wanting a reason to - come out to Dharma Lounge this Friday night for New Dork City Nights. Miami Dice, Tober Lerone, Dick Tracey and yours truly BWillackers. We'll be laying down thick layers of indie dance, chill wave and nu disco all night long!! boom!  Miami Dice has released an incredible promo track in commemoration of this event, Fondamente Nove.  Download it, and as you slide into MD's dreamy groovescape, remember to come out Friday night!!

Fondamente Nove (11/18 New Dork City Nights promo edit) by Miami Dice

Tober Lerone has a new mix out as well.  Indie excellence so distinctive to Tober's sound!
Way Overdue Mix by Tober Lerone


Bringing quality to the bass experiece. Thanks Griz!!

Detroit's, Griz, produces on a very fine line. The type of line which demands five minute conversations with folks and friends inquiring as to exactly what type of music this guy is making. With the heart of an Alchemist Griz fuses together electro broken glitch-hop dub noise step or something to that nature. Exquisitely put together, like quality you'd find in a Pretty Lights sound, coupled with the insane vision of a Xaphoon Jones, Griz will be around for a good long while!!! Free Downloads on his SOUNDCLOUD page!

Wheres The Love? by GRiZ
P B & J (Pretty Busted and Jank) 320 kbps FREE DL! by GRiZ


Simon Monk's paints Superheroes in plastic bags

Kinda self explanatory, but extraordinary detail! 
Browse his work and be sure to read his extraordinary of his Superhero series. 


Tiger & Woods remixes Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. is giving away this lush daytime-disco Tiger & Woods remix of their track “Simple Girl” to shine some publicity on the release of their forthcoming remix EP, “My Love Is Easy: Remixes Pt. 2″. I have been on this track since I first heard it.  So gorgeous.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - Simple Girl (Tiger & Woods Remix) by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.


Tristram Lansdowne and the Architecture from our dreams

Tristram Lansdowne has built some incredible structures. These watercolored buildings, though impossibly functional and vacant, have intimate traces of the lives they connected with.


Site Saturday: Cats + Scanner= Cat Scanner Art (not vry original title, sue me!)

Got a cat? Got a scanner? The choice is clear.

Brought to you by the madness of SADANDUSELESS.COM

The lush works of Will Barras

Oh man, Will Barras' work, a vibrant wild fire, has been coloring my day today. 
Please make a place in your day for a good viewing of his work. Gorgeous.


Surkin's Free Mix on Nova Planet

Surkin has produced a super-fun mix for NovaPlanet, which you can download as a Podcast.
Great mix!! It's been my work buddy for the last couple of days. Indicative of his recent sets, Surkin's pulling from the early days of heavy vocal samples, and some nasty melody lines and an addictive pulse that has fond traces of the old NYC Sonic Groove sound.  Its all in French, but just click on the little iTUNES logo. Oui?  There's a ton of mixes from a ton of legendary French Producers and Dj's. Go get'em all!!


Dan Meth Vid - Stuffed Otter/Beaver/IDK goes to Occupy Wallstreet

Stosqui ventures into the 'Occupied' territory.

Stosqui Visits Occupy Wall Street from Dan Meth on Vimeo.

Site Sunday: The mad world of Dan Meth

Illustrator, animator, revelator, incredible creative force-or.   His website is seeping over with hilarious and innovative content.  Granted all i have displayed here is from his POP CULTURE CHART series, which I've been buzzing off of for quite some time now, so I hope he can forgive me. Nonetheless, this NYC native doesnt make uninteresting work (that based on what he chooses to post, granted).  With work out on College Humor, Comedy Central, Cartoon Network his work speaks for itself. His propensity for creation makes me want to draw/create/explore more erryday!!!