New Dork City Nights, Next Friday + Downloads!!!

If you're in the Charlotte area, planning on being or wanting a reason to - come out to Dharma Lounge this Friday night for New Dork City Nights. Miami Dice, Tober Lerone, Dick Tracey and yours truly BWillackers. We'll be laying down thick layers of indie dance, chill wave and nu disco all night long!! boom!  Miami Dice has released an incredible promo track in commemoration of this event, Fondamente Nove.  Download it, and as you slide into MD's dreamy groovescape, remember to come out Friday night!!

Fondamente Nove (11/18 New Dork City Nights promo edit) by Miami Dice

Tober Lerone has a new mix out as well.  Indie excellence so distinctive to Tober's sound!
Way Overdue Mix by Tober Lerone

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