Instamatic /// Free EP

Instamatic just released a new 3 song EP, See The Signal. The lead track is a collaborative effort, featuring Sweatheart's Rose Luardo on vocals and writing by Memory Tapes' Dayve Hawk. This stuff is excellent! Download See The Signal from the band's Bandcamp:


Leeside Skateboard Mayhem. It's time to visit Canada!

This is how they spend their Halloweens in Vancouver. The Zenga Bros. give us a sampling of the glorious chaos I have been missing out on this whole time.  Come October, I'll be booking my flight for the Great White North!


Go Go Bizkitt – Chuck Norris

A super fun weekend kickstarter, courtesy of Go Go Bizzkit.

Download Go Go Bizkitt Chuck Norris


David Rapoza paints He-Man, TMNT, Thundercats w/ incredible realism

TrapJaw was my favorite He-Man action figure.
oh man, the lighting is intense!

Baxter Stockman- scarier than expected.

so much awesome here!

Via the power of digital painting, David Rapoza brings some of our favorite cartoon characters to life. In an obvious lean towards some aspect of realism, we see the Ninja Turtles, He-Man and the Thundercats as we always hoped they'd look like when unchained from their cellophane prisons.  Dave's work appeases that little tinge of the darker side in us, expecting our hero's ferocity and impunity to be more prevalent than the over saturation of quipy one-liners and life-lessons their after-school episodes displayed. Check out his website, chocked full of incredible work, tips, and a video showing you the entire process of digital painting (whilst painting BEASTMAN!!!!).


Captain Planet remixes Little Dragon

Great track, which I'm surprised didn't go official. Oh well, now we get the pleasure of the free dnload!! Check out the rest of CP's work - Itchy, bangin with a colorful taste of afrobeat! Thanks, Captain Planet!!

Ritual Union (Captain Planet Remix) by DJ Captain Planet

Another great remix worth the reblog!!!

La Revolucion Del Cuerpo (Captain Planet Remix) by DJ Captain Planet


Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remixes Jonquil

Oh man! This is a track to get lost in - patient, methodical, and intensely addictive the bass line chains you to floor and demands killer dance moves!! T.E.E.D. does nothing less than top drawer quality work and this atmospheric house wonder is just more proof to that (and bringing the 303 back as much as he can too)!  Also, check out more Jonquil here!

Jonquil - It's My Part (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix) by Blessing Force

Tummy Touch & Bastard Jazz - Free Remix Album For You!

Tummy Touch is turning 15, and Bastard Jazz is now 10 years old! To celebrate the combined birfdays, the 2 labels joined forces to release this incredible compilation of remixes, available for FREE! Artists from Tummy Touch remixed artists from Bastard Jazz, and vice versa - a sweet symbiotic circle that ends with our happy consumption.  head over to the  Bastard Jazz bandcamp page to check out the whole album – and download it for FREE!!!



The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), or House Bill 3261, would severely diminish and more so restrict the free-flow of information on the web. The ramifications of this Bill would be cataclysmic. Please take a moment and sign Google's online petition against SOPA. Also, please find out if your Congressman will be voting for this.  If so, make sure they know that you, in turn, will not be voting for them!

(Google's online petition)

Benny Sings - Art

I am out of the loop on this one (dropped in May2011), but I just discovered this guy.  A little Christopher Cross and Steely Dan but the rest a real 100% Grade-A Pop virtuoso! Three or four albums in, with all the clumsiness of self discovery and naive production out of the way, Benny feels that this is finally a true work of 'Art.' And it is. I love this album from track one to its finish. 

Big Brown Eyes by Benny Sings

Dreams by Benny Sings



Lana Del Rey – Born To Die (Marcus Intalex Remix)

Marcus Intalex takes on the challenging feat of remixing Lana Del Rey's “Bron to Die.”  Her dreary theatrical voice can be a daunting adversary for remixers - maintaining a typical upbeat feel without going 'Skinny Puppy'.  Marcus utilized a relatively simple formula of warm, low rolling basslines and moody synths complimenting our vocalist's darker tendencies.

Lana Del Rey- Born To Die For (Marcus Intalex Remix) by Marcusintalex Soul:rHQ


Mighty Mouse remixes Grauzone's 'Eisbaer'

I have been buzzing off of Mighty Mouse's remix of Grauzone's 'Eisbear.' The original is a text book example of euro late 80's new wave. The original is a text book  euro 80's underground. Such a great track, with all the goodness you'd expect from that era. I've heard a ton of remixes of 'Eisbaer', but Mighty Mouse adds a sophisticated layer of symphonic orchestration elevating the track to extreme heights. Mighty Mouse, I thank you and the dance floor thanks you!

Mighty Mouse - Ice Beer (Bootleg Version) by Mighty Mouse


Sbtrkt remixes Machine Drum

I've been enjoying Sbtrkt's hotstepping sound lately, notwithstanding his album which made it to everyone's top Twenty albums of 2011. He popped up in his tribal masks and changed the game! Here, he's remixed a North Carolina local and broken beat / glitch-hop master, Machine Drum. Would love to feature some more about Machine Drum in the future. Someone, remind a brother. He's most definitely worth a closer look!

machinedrum - u dont survive (sbtrkt edit) by sbtrkt



Site Saturday: Nic Cage as Everyone

I believe the url speaks for itself. This site solidifies what we've all been wondering: 
Could Nic Cage play everyone's role? 
Answer: duh


Jason Mecier makes celeb portraits using pills

Pills Here!!! Jason Mercier uses found object to create intricate images of celebrities. Featured here, are his more controversial of some well known faces whom have a tad bit infamous for their drug usage.  Go check out the rest of Jason Mercier's amazing work here!!.

Bassnectar explains Dubstep

Well articulated explanation of the rhythmic differences between edm genres.