Rustie’s BBC1 Essential Mix

Rustie premiered his Essential Mix Fri Apr 6 on the BBC Radio 1 show, one and only Pete Tong. The mix features a selection of Rap, UK bass, R&B and Trap-style House which Rustie smartly intermingles around his own twitchy, organic funk sounds.

From Rick RossBig Sean and Destiny’s Child the heavy hitters show up in larger-than-life style supplemented by  unreleased work from trend-setters like Hudson MohawkeLunice cleverly marked by this Zelda sample.

***There's definitely offensive language here. Mom and Dad, you may want to think of letting your kids listen to something else, right now.



In lieu of the recent Easter Holiday, Rabbit Recordsreleased their first label compilation.  Tracks from Djemba Djemba (St Andrew)FuzzSnorlax in tandem with other amazing IDM artists.  It's ethereal textures, lurking beats, psychedelic soundscapes and melodies derived from otherworldly technology make this a definitive compilation of the contemporary IDM soundscape. Head over to their Bandcamp page and name your price for this incredible compilation.


Shook Feat. Ronika - Distorted Love

Some glorious funk tastefully delivered by Shook. With an immense remix of Ting Ting's 'Hang it up' (one of which blows my mind!), and a complete arsenal of originals and innovative remixes - a throw-back sound, pocket grooves and intoxicated keyboard solos intermingle with perfection. 

and you need to get this one, by any means necessary

Planet Rock gets the Moombahton rework from Sol Selecta

Remixing Planet Rock!?!?! I'm all ears! Sol Selecta's work is top notch, and is a must. Its free anyway, 
so what exactly are you gonna lose? Go to Sol Selecta's Soundcloud page and grab the rest of it.

Moombahton Massive EP # 7
1. Planet Rock (Sabo / Elektric Remix) - Africa Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force
2. Doin Ya Thang (Sabo Edit) - Oliver $ feat. Moodyman
3. Kid Shake and Sister Pop - Sabo
4. I Get Lifted (Special ReKwest Sabo Dub) - MAW feat. Barbara Tucker
5. Big Bad Wolf (Toddla T remix / Sabo edit) - Duck Sauce
6. La Mania (Sabo's Corto Edit) - Billy The Gent

A brief video about the Letterpress

Heres a short charming video with an over abundant use of shallow depth of focus, providing a brief introduction to ye olde letterpress.

The Party Squad's 'Lighterman'

Posted this Partysquad track eons ago, but still awesome.


Site Sunday: The BIG Caption

Graphic Designers and Fontwhores start your photocopiers! Take contemporary photojournalism, 
add to the mix, snarky graphic designers and you get the glory of 


The Admiral's Trap by Jonah Block

Why yes, Admiral, you're right on the money again!

Go buy Jonah Block's image over at his Society6 page.

Moon Boots - Got Somebody

I can't get enough of this! I want to be on the floor when this songs slinks it's way into the mix. Released by French Express and FREE! So go to the Soundcloud link and grab it! 


Turntable Drawing Apparatus

“Drawing Apparatus” made from two turntables by Robert Howsare. 
Math, mechanics and music collide!

Hilltop Hoods - Now You're Gone (Muffin Remix)

Generally, Muffin rides the wave of BPM's raging from a sugar high. Here, we see a blatant display 
of versatility in their remixing prowess. Excellent down tempo rendition. 


Protohype's hop-step goodness : Light Shift

Photographer Ian Ruhter's vid 'Silver and Light.'

Compelling, honest and beautifully shot. I am completely captivated by this video. 
After the third or fourth viewing, I have no excuse NOT to create. Be inspired.
Check out more of Ian Ruhter's work here, and more of his wetplate work here.