Hipster Fashion Cycle

Thanks to Daily Infographic for the technical but nonetheless depressingly revelatory information.

"Think of the 1990s: acid wash denim, flannel shirts a la Angela Chase in My So Called Life, knee socks, Converse and grandpa sweaters. Now picture Urban Outfitters’ fall collection: acid wash denim, flannel shirts a la Angela Chase in My So Called Life, knee socks, Converse, and a lot of grandpa sweaters. It’s all back, for better or worse; style went around and came back again. “Why?” many of the baby boomer generation might lament, “it was bad enough the first time around.” For that answer, one must consult the Hipster Fashion Cycle infographic, (included for your enrichment below), and enlighten your clueless relation on the marvel of ironic style."
Hipster Fashion Cycle Infographic


Mondays are for Meatloaf

The alliteration demands such! And this one in particular isn't just the opening line to a lunch room menu  drenched in poetic license (if so, Mystery Meat Monday would have been the winner). Meatloaf Mondays is in fact an illustrator's blog showcasing three different artists' work and each of their visual interpretations of everything from music groups, current events and news articles. The illustrations' hilarity is only outmatched by the disciplined talent so evident in every piece. And rightly so, considering my post is already two steps behind them: "we started off doing an illustration based on a news article,"  Taylor Williams-Meatloaf Monday contributor,  "and then branched into bands/themes/whatever we wanted. and then we all started getting too busy with freelance for the most part so i guess it worked?"  After perusing  the expired site, brimming with a beautifully off-kiltered approach to an age old American tradition, you'll understand why these talented upstarts have been in such high demand.

Taylor Williams               Leslie Wood               Eric Riley


Site Saturday: Crying While Eating

Fan submitted videos of themselves eating stuff whilst 
crying about an assorted amount of issues.
Great fun!


Poolside vs. Neil Young & the plight of the over-privelaged latter career

So Poolside took on the daring venture of covering Neil Young's crawling comeback track 'Harvest Moon.' A fun venture, yet merely a slight bit more enjoyable than the original snore-fest. Poolside is super amazing, don't get me wrong. It's just a daunting task to make a tastey fruit salad out of kitchen scraps (that was harsh wasn't it???).

Poolside - Harvest Moon by Poolside Music

'Harvest Moon' is a sobering reminder: just because you made legendary music at some point in your life, doesn't mean you will for the remainder of it. Its kind of like when a kid's Father has connections and gets his boy a cushy job, merely because of his last name. "No, its cool I can be here! Don't you know who my father is?!?!"  So Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Paul Mcartney flap their Golden tickets to the critics and producers  hoping their former days will pay the toll for their present limp attempts. They are waved through and droves of followers nod their head to sub-par tracks, saturated with over production, 20 piece string sections and lyrics scribbled down in the car on the way over to the recording session.  I apologize if 'Hope of Deliverance' is your favorite song, or 'Modern Times' is your most beloved album, remember its an opinion. However, after watching poor Bob on stage at the 2010 Grammy's and praying that the Avett Bros. or Mumford & Sons would sing another song before Dylan turned to dust is about as  much substantial proof as I need.

Flight Facilities 37,000ft. mix. Best Summer Mix!!

You heard it people, its got my vote!! Flight Facilities has again, outdone themselves. When you start a mix with Talking Heads, you know deep-down that this is gonna be special. Granted, Breakbot's 'Breakbot x Revolver' slides in at a close second, pushed out of for the trivial reason that the FF mix is over twice as long (so therefore twice the glory). The setlist reads more like a shopping list to me: "Hey BWillackers!," Says the Shopping List, "You need these!!!" Pick up the mix here!!

37,000 ft Mixtape by flightfacilities

Tracklist -
1. Talking Heads – This Must Be The Place 
2. MGMT – Congratulations (Erol Alkan Remix) 
3. Wally Warning – Land Of Hunger (Todd Terje Edit) 
4. Jamelia – Caribou 
5. 123 Clap! – Constellation 
6. Modern Amusement – Cold As Ice (louie Fresco Remix) 
7. Flight Facilities – Foreign Language feat. Jess (Drop Out Orchestra Remix) 
8. The Rolling Stones – Too Much Blood (Debonairs Too Much Dub) 
9. Aeroplane – My Enemy 
10. Das Moth – Moon 
11. TC Crew – I Can’t Do It Alone (Eoin Cody edit) 
12. Phonique feat. Erlend Oye – For The Time Being 
13. Tortoiseshell – This Girl 
14. Metronomy – The Bay 
15. Cut Copy – Pharoahs & Pyramids 
16. Emmanuel Jal – Kuar (Henrik Schwarz Remix) 
17. Colors Sound System – Yeah Mate I Hate 
18. Pogo – Upular Remix 
19. Bocca Grande – Procedere 2011 (Morgan Geist) 
20. ZZT – Zzafrika (Julio Bashmore Remix) 
21. Penguin Prison – Fair Warning (Disco Bloodbath Remix) 
22. Lazydisco – More Tigers (The C90s Remix) 
23. Coatimundi – No More Blues 
24. Holy Ghost! – Jam For Jerry
Pre-order the vinyl for their new single. NOW. (With Remixes from Drop Out Orchestra & Rocco Raimundo on it)


Oliver remixes House De Racket with glitter and glory

The ol' one-two punch of Housse De Racket and the remixing prowess of Oliver has blown my mind with this incredibling soaring re-do of an already amazing track. My my boys!

Housse De Racket - Roman (Oliver Remix) by Housse De Racket


Site Sunday? Laser Portraits!!!

I am fully aware its not 'Site Saturday,' so sue me. It still starts with an 'S' and that gold nugget of alliteration is still shining strong!! Today we have Laserportraits!!!! We used to be able to choose our backgrounds for our school portraits. For an extra couple bucks we could opt for LASERS, instead of the glorious brushed blue gray background.  Why it was a couple of bucks more is totally beyond me.  


Charlotte's Dirty Drummer and his new EP on Electric Mountain

The local bastion of quality sonic goodness, Electric Mountain, released Dirty Drummer's new EP this month.  Loose beats from the basement crates, Dirty Drummer stitches together those 'rare find' samples with tightly woven pristine rhythms that refuse to forget it's roots. Quilting a patch work as ready for a cold night in bed as it is a gallery wall, Dirty Drummer maintains a folk art of rhythm, beats and funk.  Download it today and browse the rest of Electric Mountain's incredible collection.

Easy Rock EP by DirtyDrummer


Cosmonaut Grechko's minimix!!!

Perfect for the ADHD in you!! These minimixes are a great way to break your little indie rawker friend in to electronic music. You can send him this track and avoid the whiny call back that usually sounds like  "oh my gawd, why this one track is a whole hour long!?!!!" Cosmonaut Grechko always manages to fill a small span of time with an incredibly groovable dance compilation that manages to avoid sounding like a Cheerleader's competition routine mix!! I'm digging this one right now.

miniminiminiminiminiminiminimix pt.4 by Cosmonaut Grechko

First heard of the great Cosmonaut through this track. Go get it on Beatport!!
All The Time EP by Cosmonaut Grechko

Bungie's 20th Anniversay Documentary

Video games that push my buttons are those that have incredible story lines. Generally, you could  assume I am a fan of RPG's (role playing) like Fallout or Mass Effect. Honestly, RPG's bore me to high heaven. My ADHD (attention deficiency in high-definition),  refuses to think roaming around on border-less maps merely to 'chat' with characters is a fun way to blow three hours. I'm a shooter guy, myself. I remember when i first played HALO, it blew me away. The game broke through so many preverbal barriers, when it came to gaming. From solidifying the console as the mainstay for shooters, orchestrated soundtrack, an incredible story-line, to characters that are now as stuck in the American psyche as Mario. Can't say enough about the franchise. From Halo Combat evolved, to REACH the list is scattered with classic titles all following the singular idea of 'ancient epic aliens.' Though technology evolves and graphics engines gather years, these titles will most definitely maintain a timeless playability. Go Bungie! I know its an hour long but well worth the viewing! 


Justin Faust's freebie, 'Do It Again'

Granted I used to have a cat named 'Freebie' for all the right reasons (betcha can't guess how much we paid for her!!!!). In commemoration of his Girl Talk Ep making it to the top Ten on Beatport,  Justin's releasing this amazing track as a freebie (the song, not the cat)! Go get it!!

Justin Faust - Do It Again *** free bonus track! *** by Justin Faust