Mondays are for Meatloaf

The alliteration demands such! And this one in particular isn't just the opening line to a lunch room menu  drenched in poetic license (if so, Mystery Meat Monday would have been the winner). Meatloaf Mondays is in fact an illustrator's blog showcasing three different artists' work and each of their visual interpretations of everything from music groups, current events and news articles. The illustrations' hilarity is only outmatched by the disciplined talent so evident in every piece. And rightly so, considering my post is already two steps behind them: "we started off doing an illustration based on a news article,"  Taylor Williams-Meatloaf Monday contributor,  "and then branched into bands/themes/whatever we wanted. and then we all started getting too busy with freelance for the most part so i guess it worked?"  After perusing  the expired site, brimming with a beautifully off-kiltered approach to an age old American tradition, you'll understand why these talented upstarts have been in such high demand.

Taylor Williams               Leslie Wood               Eric Riley

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