Poolside vs. Neil Young & the plight of the over-privelaged latter career

So Poolside took on the daring venture of covering Neil Young's crawling comeback track 'Harvest Moon.' A fun venture, yet merely a slight bit more enjoyable than the original snore-fest. Poolside is super amazing, don't get me wrong. It's just a daunting task to make a tastey fruit salad out of kitchen scraps (that was harsh wasn't it???).

Poolside - Harvest Moon by Poolside Music

'Harvest Moon' is a sobering reminder: just because you made legendary music at some point in your life, doesn't mean you will for the remainder of it. Its kind of like when a kid's Father has connections and gets his boy a cushy job, merely because of his last name. "No, its cool I can be here! Don't you know who my father is?!?!"  So Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Paul Mcartney flap their Golden tickets to the critics and producers  hoping their former days will pay the toll for their present limp attempts. They are waved through and droves of followers nod their head to sub-par tracks, saturated with over production, 20 piece string sections and lyrics scribbled down in the car on the way over to the recording session.  I apologize if 'Hope of Deliverance' is your favorite song, or 'Modern Times' is your most beloved album, remember its an opinion. However, after watching poor Bob on stage at the 2010 Grammy's and praying that the Avett Bros. or Mumford & Sons would sing another song before Dylan turned to dust is about as  much substantial proof as I need.

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