Bungie's 20th Anniversay Documentary

Video games that push my buttons are those that have incredible story lines. Generally, you could  assume I am a fan of RPG's (role playing) like Fallout or Mass Effect. Honestly, RPG's bore me to high heaven. My ADHD (attention deficiency in high-definition),  refuses to think roaming around on border-less maps merely to 'chat' with characters is a fun way to blow three hours. I'm a shooter guy, myself. I remember when i first played HALO, it blew me away. The game broke through so many preverbal barriers, when it came to gaming. From solidifying the console as the mainstay for shooters, orchestrated soundtrack, an incredible story-line, to characters that are now as stuck in the American psyche as Mario. Can't say enough about the franchise. From Halo Combat evolved, to REACH the list is scattered with classic titles all following the singular idea of 'ancient epic aliens.' Though technology evolves and graphics engines gather years, these titles will most definitely maintain a timeless playability. Go Bungie! I know its an hour long but well worth the viewing! 

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