Skrillex live set on BBC 1

You all know I'm not the biggest Skrillex fan, nonetheless I can definitely appreciate and understand the deluge of youngsters pouring over at his live shows and downloading his discography via undisclosed torrents (like a true fan).  I've noticed that Skrillex and a handful of dubstep producers have become a 'gateway drug' of sorts, giving kids their first sampling of electronic music. At least kid's initial exposure to electronic tunes is no longer car commercials supplemented with pop-n-lockin ladies riding shotgun in Mitsubishi's.  Here's a Skrillex 20 minutes long mini mix for Zane Lowe on BBC’s Radio 1 // thanks to thissongissick.com for the initial post.  Dude-Bros and Sorority Sisters aside, this guy definitely bangs. 

Skrillex - BBC Radio One Mix by Thissongissick.com

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