Bro Safari ushers in the Wknd w/ Moombahton madness

Got you guys some grimy love from Bro Safari. You may also know him as 1/3 of Evol Intent or 1/2 of Ludachrist. They recently went in on a single w/ Sluggo on Play Me Too Records' (a sub-imprint of Reid Speed‘s Play Me Records) I offer you two massive tracks and one of their mixes,  a live set recorded in Cleveland. Huge compressed wobbles, hip-hop vocals, low ended saw wave bass grindage, essplosions of sound.  All three well worth the menial time it takes to download.
*language warning on the mix, for those that dont appreciate potty-mouthed mc's

Bro Safari - Uncrushable [Free Download] by BRO SAFARI

Bro Safari ft. Mighty High Coup - Boombahton [Free Download] by BRO SAFARI

Bro Safari - Cleveland Mix - December 11 2010 by BRO SAFARI

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