Did we not see this coming......VOLTRON!!!!!!

Here's another drop into the imploding blackness of Hollywood's abysmal lack of creativity. Voltron is now the next exhumed carcass in Hollywood's ongoing prayer vigil for the ancient bodies of old to be resurrected. I can't say that I'm not in the least excited; I get giddy when I think of Tron Legacy (mostly b/c of the mega-sweet new light bikes, and Daft Punk's opus of a soundtrack) and Transformers (the first one) was pleasantly entertaining. I just hope they keep the tone's of anime kitsce that the Votron series was continually emersed in. I cringe at thoughts of our homogenized lion-man-robot becoming the next impotent "G.I. Joe" flop. My adolescent afternoon cartoon memories deserve better. And we all light a candle in prayer for Thundercats to be next in line for new life. btw make youself familiar with the Thundercats link: www.Retrojunk.com Ancient glory.

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