Circuitree Record's new compilation (must have)

Circuitree Records is releasing a new compilation, Universus Vol. II on Sept. 24th worldwide, and they were kind enough to allow us a first crack at it. This is the second installment of the Universus series, a four part compilation brought to you by Circuitree Records to highlight some of our favorite producers’ works. The series includes tracks from internationally recognized producers like Luke Vibert and Jimmy Edgar, Take, Caural, Dimlite, AK Kids (Akira Kiteshi), as well as Jacque Polynice, Kentsoundz, Sleepover, Panther God, and more.

From beginning to end, its completely addictive. Its care-free style hides the incredible level of intricacy heard in every track. Layered lazy beats, broken computer consoles, choirs dredged up from disco's yesteryear and synths broadcasting to us from somewhere in the future this compilation  keeps you on your toes and hoping there's bonus tracks. 

Circuitree has offered us a sample of the glory the Universus contains: AK KIDS (Akira Kiteshi) by Albino Egg. Its a big-gunner, dizzying beats, lasers and robots lost in the void of space. The feel of AK KIDS nuzzles itself comfortably between Daedelus, Machine Drum and Prefuse 73..you know, the good stuff.  Wicked huge!!!! 

The compilation also features heavyweights Luke Vibert and Jimmy Edgar, Panther God, and Miranda Rae amongst others! You can Pick up Universe II when it drops September 24th right here!!!!! 

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