Take a Ride into the Danger Zone, Suckas!!!

As a film, Top Gun was the first to be edited in accordance to the next gen of filmaking filed under the moniker "the MTV Aesthetic" : frames transition quicker, less time per shot (usually under 5 sec per shot), montages were extended and soundtracks increased in decibel level, etc. Though a few film historians are at odds with this theory, I don't understand how you can't view such an explosive genre like the music video, that budded right during this time (Footloose, Red Dawn, Breakfast Club, Flash Dance all followed suit in sequencing and the like) and not see it's direct effects on the film industry.
Gratuitous big jet scenes, prepubescent quips between pilots, homoerotic volleyball scenes and a very uncomfortable love scene (i saw it in the theater with my mom), this definitely was a Danger Zone!! Thanks Kenny!
Here's some of our favorite musicians from the Juggernaut Minneapolis music scene Solid Gold, taking it into the danger zone for a deep dip into our sticky vat of nostalgia.

Kenny Loggins_Danger Zone (Solid Gold Cover)

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