Sensual Harassments new one: Fever

They are at it again!! First spliced together in a laboratory of retro keys, twitching synths, and beats compressed to manic levels, Sensual Harrassment was formulated. Now, Brooklyn's mutant darlings, are growing beyond the bounds of their cages and reeking total havoc to the dancefloor. BWillackers first notified you of the ensuing destruction a few months ago with their soon classic "Daddy Long Legs" and "Solider" (peep the November post). They have a new one, "Fever." This track was engineered by Jesse Cannon (The Cure, Animal Collective), and mixed by Adam Scheuermann (Coldplay). Pretty *&%$# impressive! I'm sure you'll believe me once you've listened, downloaded and reveled in the madness. Every new track towering over the last. Take cover!


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