Meggs 'Sons of Privelage' and painting back in AUS

Melbourne's 'Meggs' has been creating some amazing work. Pulling from comics,  wild yet accurate paint strokes that give a focus to his signature style equivocal only to his subject matter. Throwing in a few Cap. America references for all the right reasons: the en vogue cinematic topic of the Summer and being the great American Superhero (like Superman, but with a healthy added dose of Kitsch).  Swords, masks, helmets all the stuff of heroes and legends we contrive in our minds. Incredible use of iconography.  The  incredibly intricate ballet he choreographs between the use of can, hard edges, stencil and his painterly approach to even his wall pieces consistently has breathtaking results. Enjoy the video below of his recent piece alongside Australian legends Luster and Kid Zoom. Here's his Flickr account too. Enjoy!

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