Diplo, Skrillex, A-Trak on Billboard Mag's Cover

There's always an inner conflict when I see this type of coverage. It is definitely blowing my mind,  though, make no mistake.

If you turn on any pop radio station one will notice  rather quickly that 90% of the pop hits being forced to consumers are house tracks, pretty much. Granted this is a more recent phenomena which has taken years to gain moment (Assuming, one of the greater moves towards House and EDM breaking into mainstream in the contemporary era, probably began with Madonna's "Music" released in 2000). The quality of these recent palatable tunes is debatable, but all the elements, bpm, buid-ups, swells, and frilly thingies are blurting at the correct times. Yup, that's House! Its a dumb question (or at least a late one) to ask whether or not the states are ready for this kind of sound. I've often postulated as to why its taken so long for EDM to go public, considering House (and the majority of branching genres), Disco and the Rave scene were all birthed in the states. hmm. 
Billboards 'DANCE DANCE EVOLUTION' Artclie

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