RxGibbs new EP out Feb 21 - Free track

I'm very glad of this new trend in EDM - bringing things down a couple notches, shutting off the wobble, losing the expectation for a "drop" a getting back to the business of enjoying music.  I hesitate to don this genre with the four letter word "c-h-i-l-l." I like to think of this branch of EDM to be more so contemplative, but I suppose that takes too long to say (contemplative-wave doesn't have the best ring to it). RxGibbs has a new EP dropping Feb. 21st, glittering, aquatic and all together beautiful.

"Cascine is proud to announce the signing of Michigan producer RxGibbs and the presentation of Futures - an EP of sanguine, sophisticated dance music. RxGibbs brushes listeners' imaginations with sun-glinted electronic reflections from city grids and red-sand deserts. The songs inhabit a half-awake, half-asleep driftspace where melancholy and pleasure melt into each other." -  One day I'll write a review that good.

Grab this freebie pulled straight from the aforementioned EP Futures

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