Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs mini documentary

T.E.E.D. is a prototype of what I'm hoping the future face of electronic music may look like.  TEED gives great care in as much his process as he does the product, and it shows. Every track saturated with innovative progressions, intricate drumming, and beautiful melodies; all the while, overstepping the borders of style and offending the minds of those too fixed to the limitations of genre and the cultures therein. This mini-documentary is beautifully done. Orlando Higginbottom (TEED) has much to say about his process and vision for EDM's future ventures. The vid also has a sneak peek at his newest single 'Tapes & Money.' Its a beautiful and sincere view of the process of EDM production.  Not what you'd generally think of as a video about EDM - not brassy, bold and eternally obnoxious. Gorgeous and quiet, the production navigates the viewer through a side door of sorts, inviting us into a whole new and disarming perspective of Dance culture. Definitely worth eleven minutes of your time.

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