Mr. Scruff's Wobble Control and a six hour mix!!!

Man oh man, I haven't listened to Mr. Scruff in quite some time. I remember snagging 'keep it unreal' on special order, and completely falling in love with his jazz riffs, obscure sound bite hilarity and seemingly off the cuff analog solos. Then 'Trouser Jazz' was released and i was in ecstasy yet again. Unfortunately our love waned and I found new musicians to fawn and drool over.  But I just heard his latest 'Wobble Control' and I've been wooed yet again!! He has also, for a limited time, offered a SIX HOUR MIX of his usual concoction of soft 60s funk, 70s low slung funk, jazz, lounge - pretty much everything i've been digging for a bit now! This all in commemoration of the 12th birthday of Scruff’s Keep It Unreal residency. 

To download this mix (for the next 3 weeks only) go to http://www.mrscruff.com, click on ‘download code’ & enter the code ‘PguNxg’.
Mr Scruff live DJ mix from Keep It Unreal 12th Birthday, BOTW, Manchester, Saturday June 4th 2011 by Mr Scruff

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