A worthy fundraiser and BWillackers first Radio Show for download!!

As I have told you before, Plaza Midwood Community Radio (PMCRadio.org), is an independent internet radio out of my hometown of Charlotte, NC. It's seriously incredible with some of the best radio shows out there!! Browse their radio show schedule and you'll definitely agree with me! I can't tell you how excited I am, being involved with PMCRadio.  

This Saturday night (June 25th), we will be holding a benefit show to help raise finances will help us attaining our tax exempt 501c status, paying our yearly Sound Exchange license fees and a studio for us all to broadcast live from!

To commemorate this fine occasion, I've provided for all you lovely peeps out there, the very first volume of my own Radio Show, Social Studies, for free download. You can hear it at PMCRadio.org every Friday at 4pm and on Sunday at 2pm!!! DOWNLOAD AND ENJOY!!!

(especially when its awesome)

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