Dawn Golden & Rossy Cross. Oh My, I can't stop listening!

Dawn Golden and Rossy Cross is actually one fella, Dexter Tortoriello, a 24 year old genius.  I have been soaking in this sound recently. His first EP, off of Mad Decent, is full and lavishly melancholy. Sounds and music resonate differently with each soul. Dexter's music is a magnet to my core, pulling out those thoughts and emotions I've always desired to convey in my own music. It's tone is my own. I can't wait to make more music!!  Distant piano's, broken drum machines, experimental noise and deep lyrical sincerity. Oh Man!! Pick up the his "Blow" EP right now!  

From the 'Blow EP'

Incredible cover, i like much more than the original.

Can't tell you how many times i've listened to this remix. Emotive, mysterious and utterly mesmerizing.

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