Hard Mix - SC musician w/ free album well worth your time!!

I have a new neighbor: South Carolina’s electronic producer Noah Smith, aka Hard Mix. His label, Dovecote, has offered up his freshmen full length, Defaults, for nothing!!! The album is incredible from the first to the last - sample heavy, gurgly, aquatic beats accompanied by broken keyboards, feedback but always remaining hazy and melodic.  Perfect rainy weather music. I've been caught up in it for the last couple of days.

You can download the album for free. That’s right: his new label, Dovecote Records, likes the album so much they have decided to give it away to the world at no cost.  Just go to Dovecote Records' Facebook Page, hit the 'like' button and you will receive a link to the download!! Amongst all your other likes - "cheeseburgers, high fives, farmland, maifiaville and toms - I'm sure you can afford another 'like.'
Thats it and its yours!!!  You definitely wont be sorry!

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