Mogwai Remixes Laki Mera - stunning

I can't recall a time in recent days in which a remix demanded my attention as much as this one. I generally go about my day, scouring the web for tracks par excellence in tandem with my regular work flow.  Jams are generally found and my work area is filled with sonic treasures from round the interwebs - but generally just as background for my day-to-days. Mogwai's remix of Laki Mera's 'Craters' forced me to covet time with music again. Slowing the track down about 10 BPMs, and moving in a sonic wall of tingly synths and about as much pad ministry as any hardened heart could handle, Mogwai gives Laki's voice the opportunity to float - interweaving itself within its newly found watery sound. Stunning and tastefully accomplished.

 I can recall Telefon Tel Aviv doing the same thing when I first popped in their classic single Fahrenheit Fair Enough. In that case, my internal parameters for what electronic music could be, were forced to crumble. My paradigm shifted.  Granted, as sappy as this blog entry is slowly becoming, Mogwai's remix of Craters is not a game changer. However, it simply moves my hectic day into a slower RPM, and calls to remembrance why I love music as much as I do.

Laki Mera - Crater (Mogwai Remix) by Just Music label

The original. An already incredible track!

Crater by Laki Mera

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