Phonat Remix and a "Best of 2010" mixtape from MMMathias

MMMathias, always delivering on remixes and originals, continues to bat 1000 with this remix of Phonat's "Ghetto Burnin." A late bloomer, considering Phonat's original was released almost two years ago, MMMathias brings out a buttery disco swirl to Phonat's track. Here's an amazing live disco mix simply titled "Best of 2010," and I must say I don't disagree with his selections one iota!!! Most excellent!!
MMMatthias CHORDS Mix by MMMatthias
You must also check out Mimosa's remix of "Ghetto Burnin." Still most definitely my favorite remix thus so far!!! You can find all of the remixes at Beatport in the new Ghetto Burnin Mix Pack.

Phonat - "Ghetto Burnin'" (MMMatthias Remix) by MMMatthias

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