Lali Puna's new album to be released April

I started following Lali Puna when a friend let me hear their then newest album "Faking the Books." On hearing her whisper her lullaby vocals backed with simple but tastefully produced track - full of memorable melodies, chopped guitars and slowly swelling keys, i was an immediate fan.  Their newest album "Our Invention" will be out in April, followed by a European Tour (sad-face for us N. Americans). Though we may not get to see them, we can at least enjoy the music.  "Remember" is from their upcoming full-length release aforementioned. Enjoy, and mark your calendars so as to purchase "Our Invention" when it reaches your iTunes, Amazon, Bleep, LaLa,  or maybe even ye Olde Recorde Shoppe.

lali puna_remember

Here is their vid for Faking the Books.  Go get that one as well!!

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